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Captain Watson Meets With Senegal's President Wade

January 6, 2005

Captain Watson Meets With Senegal's President Wade


Paul Watson meets with President Wade of Senegal

Captain Paul Watson and his wife Allison met with Senegalese President Maître Abdoulaye Wade at the Presidential Palace in Dakar, Senegal, on January 5, 2005.

President Wade had contacted Captain Watson after reading an article in the French magazine Le Monde that was published in July 2004.

Responding to the invitation, Captain Watson and Alllison arrived in Dakar on January 3.

President Wade and Captain Watson discussed the problem of diminished fisheries off the Senegalese coast where offshore foreign fishing vessels have been severely poaching fish.

President Wade has requested that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society prepare a proposal to help address this problem in cooperation with the government of Senegal.

Captain Watson will be meeting with the Senegalese Ministry of the Environment on January 6 to review the problems that threaten offshore fish populations.

Captain Watson will be departing Senegal on January 7.  

He will be giving a presentation in Paris, France, before returning to the United States on January 9.

Paris Event Details:

Date:  Saturday, January 8, 2005
Time:  3 to 6 PM
Location:  La Maison des Amis du WWF
28 rue de la Folie Regnault
75011 PARIS
(Close to the Père Lachaise cemetery - 200 meters - Métro station: Philippe Auguste).


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