Whalers still scattered and fleeing, the Farley Mowat still pursuing, a dead whale is found, and the crew take a plunge with the penguins.

The crew of the Farley Mowat welcomed the New Year in with a truly unique style.

While the Farley Mowat's helicopter was away on a three-hour reconnaissance flight, the ship parked alongside a beautiful
iceberg. On small floes around the berg were numerous Adelie penguins. A large sperm whale swam nearby while a mother humpback and her calf circled the iceberg during the entire time.

Many of the crew earned their Penguin Swim Club status by diving into the zero degree Celsius water to swim with the penguins.

To qualify for the certificate, the swimmers must go in with a bathing suit only or nude, whichever they prefer. The only two nude swimmers were Geert Jan Vons from the Netherlands and Jon Batchelor from the United States.

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