By Captain Paul Watson

The indescribable horror of the massive Canadian slaughter of seals continues. Each day hundreds of redolent, bloated, and blistered bodies of baby seals are washing up on beaches on the Northeastern coast of Newfoundland.

The Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans has reported finding over 1,700 bodies around Port aux Choix, Newfoundland alone. There are so many dead, rotting corpses that it is presenting a health threat to the town of Port aux Choix.

These are not the skinned corpses of seals slaughtered on the ice. These are complete bodies with decomposing pelts and blubber. The stench is nauseating and the sight of all the young rotting corpses is horrific.

The Canadian Department of Fisheries is saying they are investigating the cause of death and have suggested that the dead seals are the victims of the ferocious storms that battered the Northern coast of Newfoundland and prevented the sealers from killing for the first three days of the scheduled seal "hunt."

There is another reason that these seals may have died. Many seals are shot and die beneath the ice and are not recovered, nor are they included in the quota.

The thousands of seals rotting on the beaches of Newfoundland will not be included in the quota either, nor will the numbers affect the decision for setting the quota for next year.

As Canadian Minister of Natural Resources John Efford has balefully said, "...the more they kill, the more I will love it."

And the Minister must be reveling joyfully today at the sight of so much carnage along with the knowledge that the official number of 320,000 young dead seals killed by his club-swinging, darling barbarians has been supplemented by the additional kills now polluting the beaches of Newfoundland.

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