Mickey Louse & Donald Sucks Cut Shark Fins for Soup

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is feeling the wrath of
shark defenders worldwide.

In an effort to throw the protest off track, Disney leaked a report that they will not confirm or deny saying that they are considering serving only shark made with fins obtained by non-cruel methods.

In other words, they admit that they were previously unconcerned for the origin of the shark fins they intend to sell at wedding feasts at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

Hong Kong Disneyland spokesperson Esther Wong says that Disney takes the controversy seriously. However, she refused to comment on the report that Disney intends to be more discriminatory on the origin of the shark fins they purchase.

The problem is that there is no way of proving the origins of shark fins. On June 7th, a San Diego court fined the Hong Kong company Tai Loong Hong Marine Products Ltd $618,956.00 and confiscated 64,695 pounds of shark fins.

Shark fins siezed by US government in San Diego
Bundled and piled shark fins

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