We need you to immediately e-mail and fax the Japanese Fisheries officers in Futo to urge them to stop capturing and killing dolphins.

Today we received the following information from a reliable source in Japan:

Responding to an order placed by members of the dolphin captivity industry, the fishermen of Futo, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan have driven a pod of about 100 bottlenose dolphins into Futo harbor. The harbor has been sealed with a net so that the dolphins can't escape. Divers from at least two Japanese aquariums will arrive in Futo tomorrow morning to select between 20 and 30 "show-quality" dolphins for their facilities. Some of the remaining dolphins will be killed for research. What will happen to the remaining dolphins is uncertain at this time.

In 1999, after being denounced in the world press, the fishermen in Futo stopped hunting and killing dolphins. Now, five years later, they are starting again with the support of zoos, aquariums, and "swim with the dolphins" programs in Japan and abroad. There is a great risk that Futo will follow in the footsteps of Taiji, reopening its dolphin drives and becoming a supplier of dolphins for the dolphin captivity industry.

In order to prevent this, worldwide protests are needed immediately.


Please urge the authorities to let the captured dolphins go. Ask that no further dolphin captures take place in Futo in the future.

Please send your e-mails and letters to:

Fisheries Section of Shizuoka Prefecture
E-mail: [email protected]

Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture
Mr. Yoshinobu Ishikawa
E-mail: [email protected]

Ito Fishing Cooperative - Futo Branch
Email: [email protected]

Ito Fishing Cooperative
Tel: +81-557-35-3181
Fax: +81-557-35-0756
E-mail: [email protected]

Comment form for the Governor of Shizouka Prefecture
The form is in Japanese, so please follow the instructions below:

Visit: http://www.pref.shizuoka.jp/governor/mailbox/index.htm
To complete the form:
Top line: Type your name
Second line: Type your address
Third line: Type your e-mail address
The line above the large box: Type the subject
In the large box: Type your comments
Finally, click on the yellow box below the comments to send it.

Sample Letter

Dear __________,

The world has been alerted to the fact that earlier this month a pod of approximately 100 bottlenose dolphins were driven into Futo harbor. I understand that 16-20 of these dolphins were taken for the captivity industry and some of the others were brutally slaughtered. This is unacceptable to a civilized world in the 21st century, and it is unnecessary.

I know that your government and the captivity industry would not want the paying customers who visit zoos, aquariums, and "swim with the dolphins" programs to find out the horrifying details of what happens during a scenario like the recent one in Futo harbor. But concerned people like myself are going to do everything we can to expose this senseless and cruel practice.

Dolphins are intelligent creatures and deserve to live in peace, in the wild where they belong.

I demand the Japanese government to immediately stop the slaughter and capture of dolphins and small whales. The worldwide public outcry will not go away until this barbaric killing is put to an end.


As a part of our campaign to stop the capture and slaughter of dolphins in Japan, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is organizing a worldwide protest outside Japanese embassies and consulates to take place on November 19, 2004. For exact locations and times where protests are already organized, please go to http://www.seashepherd.org/taiji/taiji_worldwide_protest.html

Email us at [email protected] if you can protest in any other city.

For more information about the Taiji-Japan Dolphin Campaign, please go to http://www.seashepherd.org/taiji/

Thank you for your help and efforts to save the dolphins.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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