Commentary by Paul Watson
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

In the wake of Sir Paul McCartney and Lady Heather Mills McCartney's visit to the seals, the campaign to end the cruel and obscene slaughter of seals has slipped into high gear.

The entire world is now aware of the tragic mass slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seal pups each year.

Politicians in Ottawa and in Newfoundland have gone into the "circle the wagons" mode and are sniping defensively at anyone who dares to criticize the slaughter.

Despite the fact that 60 million people saw Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams humiliate himself with his rambling fabrications defending the seal hunt, his fellow Newfoundland politicians have actually compared his so called "oratory skills" to Winston Churchill. Talk about delusions of grandeur.

Can you see this speech going down in the annals of history?

"B'yes, we will fight these seal defenders on the ocean. We will fight them on land. We will fight them in the air. We will beat them up, jail them, fine them, and we will ridicule these seal lovers. We will do whatever it takes to defend the killing of seals. We will continue to bash in their little heads, skin them alive and give

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