Commentary by Paul Watson
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Canada's global reputation is falling.

According to Transparency International, the global anti-corruption watchdog list, Canada has dropped from a high of fifth ranking nation to twelve in a list of 146 nations surveyed.

A twelfth place position is still better than the U.S. position of number 17 but a drop from fifth to twelfth in a year is a significant indicator that something may be rotten in the Great White North.

Aside from the $100 million dollar slush fund for Liberal Party loyalists using money earmarked for Canadian Unity promotion, Canada has other signs of a trend downward in international public opinion.

There are investigations into bribery attempts by the Liberals to lure Conservative backbenchers over to the government side.

The recent sponsorship scandal saw a hundred million tax dollars disappear into politicians' pockets for work that was never done or completed to promote federalism in Canada.

It was the worse case of massive misappropriation and misuse of public funds in the history of Canada and the responsibility lies squarely with the Liberal government of Canada, the government of former Prime Minister Jean Chr

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