Commentary by Paul Watson
Founder and President of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

This morning, the hot blood of the baby seals began to cool and congeal on scattered patches of ice where surviving harp seals lay.

After weeks of mass horrific mass drownings, as baby seals slipped from melting, crumbling and broken ice in the cold blackness of the Atlantic, the merciless clubs of Canada's hordes of barbaric sealers began to once again smash mercilessly in the fragile skulls of defenceless seal pups.

The perverse slaughter of baby harp seals has begun, and this, after an estimated one quarter of all the seals born this year have already perished due to the consequences of global warming. Canada wants to kill 275,000 survivors and the sealing boats are scouring the shore-fast ice and searching for scattered pans to unleash their club-toting thugs upon the defenceless.

The slaughter is under way: The largest massacre of marine mammals on the planet. It has been sanctioned by a Newfoundlander who holds the position of Minister for Fisheries and Oceans. He has this week demonstrated a complete and utter contempt for the science and reality of global warming, and has set the kill quotas solely for the purpose of appeasing the seal-hating fishermen of Newfoundland.

What has been an annual tragedy of immense proportions is now despicably more abhorrent considering that the killers are dispatching survivors of hellish conditions on broken and melting ice floes. These seals have struggled and suffered to survive the natural elements, and now they lay upon small pans of broken ice with no means of defence or escape.

What a cowardly bunch these baby killers are. They are an embarrassment to Canada, and as a twelfth generation Canadian whose family is rooted in the Maritimes, I am disgusted at the brutality and the obscenity of this mass slaughter on the ice in the ravaged nurseries off the Eastern Canadian shore.

I am unable to go to the area this year because of a court order that bans me from half my own country. I was convicted recently of the crime of witnessing a seal being killed (in 2005) and was ordered to pay a $3,000 fine and prohibited from entry to the Atlantic coast for two years.

We associate "being banned" with apartheid in the former white-ruled South Africa, and now, Canadians are being banned for simply witnessing an atrocity in Canadian territory.

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