The R/V Martin Sheen Crew

Bastien Boudoire (Bas)  -  Captain

Batien BoudoireSince a very young age, I have admired the animal kingdom. To see a healthy, free animal is one of the most profound and beautiful experiences to my eyes. Therefore when I started sailing at the age of 19 as skipper in a French sailing school, I soon realized that the sea is not what we are shown in pictures or books. I witnessed that the demand for seafood was generating a worldwide killing industry in every way. To be part of the solution, I joined Sea Shepherd in 2010. That led me to take part in five campaigns:

  • 2010-2011 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign (Deckhand and crane operator on the M/Y Steve Irwin)
  • 2011 Faroes Pilot Whale Defense Campaign (Deckhand and quartermaster on the M/V Brigitte Bardot)
  • 2013-2014  Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign (2nd Officer on the M/V Bob Barker)
  • 2014 Faroes, Pilot whale defend campaign (Pilot of the Mike Galesi)
  • 2014-2015 Vaquita Porpoise Defense Campaign (1st Officer on the R/V Martin Sheen)

During those years I also spent time working on different sailing charter vessels (tall ships) in the Atlantic and North Atlantic, as a deckhand and watch keeper.

With Sea Shepherd, I have learned in the field that a movement of dedicated non-violent people can make political change and also give people a new way of seeing their relationships with animals and nature. There are numerous examples of depleted environments and species that have grown back considerably when humans stopped their destructive activities. Sea Shepherd is for the preservation of life, and it is my desire and privilege to help Sea Shepherd protect the oceans.

Carolina A. Castro - Media Producer

Carolina A CastroMy name is Carolina and I am responsible for all the audio-visual production onboard the R/V Martin Sheen. I have been with Sea Shepherd on and off for over a decade. During this time I have participated in eight campaigns all over the globe. Before joining the crew of R/V Martin Sheen I was producing for the TV show "Whale Wars" onboard the Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker in the Southern Ocean.

I am also a sailor. Having lived four years onboard a small sailboat and travelling half the globe, mostly to very remote destinations that are not reachable by any other means of transportation, has solidified my commitment to protect the oceans.

As a filmmaker and documentary photographer, I believe in the power of images and the awareness that can be brought to light by documenting environmental issues. Change starts with knowledge and understanding - only then can action follow.

I am committed to documenting the overfishing and the exploitation of the oceans and to act as the eyes and ears of the world so that all can see and understand what is happening on our watch. Sea Shepherd’s crews onboard the ships are very important and fundamental for the survival of marine life, but the people at home supporting Sea Shepherd and other environmental causes are just as important. One does not exist without the other and that is why I am here, to make sure those at home are able to “travel” with us.

Jean Paul Geoffroy (JP) - Diver

Jean Paul GeoffroyI’m a Computer Engineer and a Scuba Diving Instructor from Chile. I have experience as a safety diver in other scientific operations, including in Antarctica. Right now I'm serving as a crewmember aboard the R/V Martin Sheen and am in charge of diving operations and drone piloting.

I joined Sea Shepherd because I believe in direct action and because I love the ocean. I know and believe that anyone can make the changes this planet needs.

I love all the creatures of the sea, and having this opportunity to work closely to protect their ocean home is awesome. Additionally, I hope that my unique skillset and knowledge can help this operation be as successful as possible.

Mar Casariego - Deckhand

Mar CasariegoMy name is Mar Casariego. I am a recent law school graduate and a sailing instructor from a village near Barcelona, Spain.

I was born in a lighthouse, so the sea has been and continues to be an essential part of my life; I have been in love with the sea and ocean life as long as I can remember. I truly enjoy traveling the world, wildlife and nature, and I hope to have the opportunity to preserve all those amazing things.

Serving as a deckhand on the R/V Martin Sheen offers me the opportunity to combine my hobbies with my ideals, as well as, improving my sailing skills.

Mike Rigney - Second Mate

Mike RigneyI’m a mechanical engineer from the USA, an avid sailor, scuba diver, and photographer, and am currently serving as 2nd Officer aboard the R/V Martin Sheen.

I first saw the impact of direct-action conservation while volunteering with an anti-poaching organization in South Africa. When I saw the positive effects that Sea Shepherd was having in ocean conservation, I knew that I needed to get involved. Crewing aboard the R/V Martin Sheen is a great fit for me, as it combines my passion for marine conservation and my love of sailing.

Shannon Walker - Cook

I’m Shannon Walker from Ontario, Canada. When I completed my bachelor of fine arts in 2013, I felt like I was missing something. I worked as an art teacher at two separate institutions, but still didn’t feel driven towards a career in the arts field. I then moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where I began to follow my passions for environmentalism and animal rights by becoming an activist in my community.

I find it important to support Sea Shepherd’s campaigns because humanity is on track to see fishless oceans by the middle of the 21st century. It is no longer about what my generation leaves for the future, but what my generation leaves for themselves. Our rates of consumption, combined with a disregard for a balanced ecosystem are driving species like the vaquita marina into extinction. I’m volunteering with Sea Shepherd because I have hope. Hope that I can help others realize how their habits and diets impact all ocean life, including the vaquita. I have hope that I will not see fish-less oceans in my lifetime, but instead see rebounding populations and thriving ecosystems.

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Sea Shepherd is the world's leading direct-action marine conservation organization.

Milagro III

Operation Milagro IV: A Vaquita Defense Campaign
This campaign launch video illustrates the issues surrounding the vaquita rescue efforts. Sea Shepherd is continuing its relentless commitment to stop the imminent extinction of the endangered vaquita porpoise by is returning to Mexico’s Gulf of Ca...
Op. Milagro III: Sam Simon Campaign Summary
The history of the Sam Simon, and the facts and figures surrounding the work this ship has done during Operation Milagro III in the Gulf of California from December 2016 to May 2016.
Operation Milagro III: The Endangered Vaquita Porpoise
ATTENTION! ATTENTION!! Sea Shepherd is making a valiant effort to save the CRITICALLY ENDANGERED Vaquita Porpoise from EXTINCTION. There are fewer than 30 left on Earth. We have to do everything we can to stop the use of illegal gillnets!! Please joi...
Operation Milagro III: Illegal Gillnets
This is a typical day for the Sea Shepherd crew on Operation Milagro III. The Gulf of California is one of the world’s hotspots for marine biodiversity, We will continue our work retrieving illegal nets, giving the unique inhabitants like the near-...
Operation Milagro III: Dead Dolphin Caught in Illegal Gillnet
Illegal gillnets do not discriminate! They are silent death traps that kill all sorts of sea life. Help our efforts to save marine life in the Gulf of California where the The MV Sam Simon and The M/V Farley Mowat are currently patrolling for Operati...
Operation Milagro III: M/V Sam Simon’s Thunder & Viking boats
The Thunder and Viking are two RHIBS (Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats) on the Sam Simon ship. The agility and speed at which these boats can be launched allows these boats to play a primary role, detecting and retrieving illegal nets in the Gulf of Cal...
Operation Milagro III: Ray Day
On the 17th of April the crew of M/V Farley Mowat retrieved an illegal net with 22 cownose rays entangled inside. Twenty one of the rays were released alive. Unfortunately, one was dead. Every life counts, and every net out of the waters is a success...
Operation Milagro III: A busy 24 hrs
During the 11th and 12th of March, the Milagro III fleet witnessed a stampede of poachers in the Gulf of California. The Farley Mowat and Sam Simon drone pilots were hot in their case, and in some instances, met with fierce resistance from the poache...
Operation Milagro III: Using Drones to Nab Poachers
On Operation Milagro III, drones have proven to be one of the most valuable assets we have battling poaching in the Gulf of California. Many thanks to our donor, Clarence Stanback, whose generosity has enabled us to create a drone program at Sea Shep...
Op. Milagro III: The Totoaba Bass
The endangered totoaba has a long history in the Gulf of California. Watch this Sea Shepherd video to learn more about this fish and why its swim bladder is targeted by poachers.
Operation Milagro III: Wildlife of the Gulf of California
The stunning biodiversity of life in the Gulf of California is what keeps us going and what are here to protect. Poachers may try to do everything in their power to get us to leave. But we are here for our clients and we are not going anywhere. Suppo...
Operation Milagro III: Facing Death
During a single patrol in Mexico’s Gulf of California, the crew of the M/V Farley Mowat encountered two dead whales, 24 dead dolphins, a dead sea lion, and countless dead birds. The near-extinct vaquita and the endangered totoaba is not the only vi...
Op. Milagro III: Dolphin and Whale Day in the Gulf of California
While in the gulf of California we see a variety of marine wildlife coexisting with one another. Sights like this one give us hope that this ecosystem still has the potential to remain wild and beautiful as long as we stay vigilant in protecting it.
Op. Milagro III: 66 Dead Totoaba in One Gill-net
On March 14th, the Farley Mowat crew discovered a gill-net approximately 250 metres in length, with 66 endangered totoaba fish. After hours of work, they managed to untangle the catch and hand it to authorities. Sea Shepherd was also granted a glimps...
Op. Milagro III: The MV Sam Simon & the Dolphin Megapod
On February 25, 2017, while patrolling the waters of the Gulf of California for Operation Milagro III, the M/V Sam Simon sailed through a megapod of dolphins with numbers estimated to be more than 1000 individuals. The elation and joy of this sight c...
M/V SAM SIMON: Operation Milagro III in the Gulf of California
The M/V Sam Simon has embarked on its inaugural mission to save the near-extinct vaquita, the endangered totoaba and other sea life in the Mexico’s Gulf of California for Operation Milagro III (2016-2017). Learn about the history and abilities of ...
Operation Milagro III: Unprecedented Amount of Illegal Nets Pulled in a 48-Hour Period
Over 1000 Animals Saved - Sea Shepherd’s M/V Farley Mowat and M/V Sam Simon pulled a record number of illegal gillnets – 18 -- in Mexico’s Gulf of California during a 48 hour period, saving and releasing over 1000 marine animals including Hamme...
Op. Milagro III: Biodiversity in the Gulf of California
Once called the World’s Aquarium by Jacques Cousteau, the Gulf of California has always had a high level of endemism. Today, fishing is the main cause of the destruction of its ecosystem. Featuring Sea Shepherd crew and Dr. Roy Houston, professor...
Op. Milagro III: Sea Shepherd Rescues Fisherman in the Gulf of California (with subtitles)
On the night of the 25th, The Farley Mowat came across fishermen in a small panga boat. When approached by The Farley, the fishermen fled at high speed. Some distance from the fishing boat, The Farley crew noticed a large splash as fishing boat come ...
Op. Milagro III: Sea Shepherd vs Poachers in the Gulf of California
Six fishing boats engaged in illegal activities were spotted by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, ending in their arrest by the Mexican Navy.
Op. Milagro III: Ghost Nets Go; Vaquitas Stay
Sea Shepherd and the M/V Farley Mowat break down how illegal underwater nets in the Sea of Cortez are snagged, pulled, cut and bundled. Footage also includes freeing and releasing live animals from the nets and cataloging those who unfortunately did ...
Sam Simon arrives in Mexico for Operation Milagro III
The Sam Simon has arrived in Mexico to join the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society-led campaign, Operation Milagro III. A partnership between Sea Shepherd and the Mexican authorities, Operation Milagro III intercepts, intervenes and interrupts any ill...
Operation Milagro III Campaign Launch Video
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is returning to Mexico’s Gulf of California for Operation Milagro III to save the near extinct vaquita marina porpoise and the endangered totoaba bass. The M/V Farley Mowat is back on active duty with the M/V Sam S...