Operation Migaloo

2007-08 Antarctica Campaign
Photo Gallery

Thanks to our Satellite uplink donated by Bluetongue Brewery last year, we are able to bring you the following photos from the ship during the campaign. Check back regularly for the latest campaign photos.

March 7, 2008
Japanese Military Response to Sea Shepherd Enforcement Action

Steve Irwin engages the factory ship Nisshin Maru

Steve Irwin on patrol in the Southern Oceans during Operation Migaloo II

Steve Irwin returns to the Southern Ocean for Operation Migaloo II


Steve Irwin returns to Melbourne to refuel and re-provision


Steve Irwin tailed by mystery ship, Fukuyoshi Maru No. 68


Steve Irwin and crew back on patrol in search of Japanese whalers


Sea Shepherd crew members released back to Steve Irwin


Steve Irwin confronts the Japanese whalers


Steve Irwin and crew on patrol in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary


Steve Irwin sailing to Antarctica


Crew at work


Steve Irwin name change ceremony and departure from Melbourne

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