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Australia March 4, 2008 -- The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia

Whale protest causes a stink

Heavily protected paramilitary officers are now guarding a Japanese ship whose crew say they were injured by a Sea Shepherd protest over Antarctic whaling. The clash led to condemnation from the top levels of the Japanese and Australian governments, but left Sea Shepherd undeterred as it pursued the fleeing factory shi ... read more

United Kingdom March 3, 2008 -- Daily Mail - United Kingdom

Antarctic whale war continues as protesters bombard harpoon ship with 'stink bombs'

The whale war in the Antarctic erupted again today when activists bombarded a Japanese vessel with foul-smelling stink bombs and a goo that made it difficult to walk on the decks. The militants, on board the Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling ship Steve Irwin, hurled the bottles and packets containing foul-smelling and sl ... read more

United States March 3, 2008 -- CNN International Asia - United States

Activist: Attack on whalers "nonviolent chemical warfare"

Anti-whaling protesters hurled containers of butyric acid at a Japanese whaling ship in Antarctic waters, injuring four crew members, a Japanese official said Monday. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society acknowledged the Sunday incident, saying it had lobbed more than two dozen bottles of rotten butter at the Nisshi ... read more

Australia February 22, 2008 -- The Herald Sun - Australia

Activists 'to arrest Japanese whalers'

AUSTRALIAN activists say they will board Japanese whaling ships, destroy equipment and make citizen's arrests fairly soon in the latest attempt to drive the hunters out of the Antarctic. The captain of the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin, which made international headlines after two crew members were detained by the  ... read more

Australia February 14, 2008 -- The Age - Australia

Anti-whalers resume hunting Japanese

Anti-whaling protest ship the Steve Irwin is returning to the Southern Ocean to resume its chase of the Japanese whaling fleet. The Sea Shepherd vessel has spent 12 days in Melbourne undergoing repairs, refuelling and resupplying, and new crew members have been brought on board. Steve Irwin captain Paul Watson said Vic ... read more

United Kingdom February 8, 2008 -- The Independent - United Kingdom

Pictures reveal truth about Japan's 'scientific' whaling

New pictures expose the gory reality of Japan's so-called 'scientific' whale hunt in the Southern Ocean, with a slaughtered adult minke whale and calf being hauled on board a Japanese factory ship. The release of the photos marks a significant shift in whaling politics, for they were taken not by the enviro ... read more

Fiji February 5, 2008 -- The Fiji Times Online - Fiji

Whaling warriors weigh in

A WHALE-hunting season of high drama on the huge swells of the Great Southern Ocean has culminated in a precisely structured and exquisitely polite meeting of government ministers in Tokyo. The water cannon, whale blood, stink bombs and yelled imprecations have been matched with the deep bows of Japanese diplomacy. Aus ... read more

New Zealand February 5, 2008 -- The Dominion Post - New Zealand

Activists seek cash to resume sea battle

Controversial  activist group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has vowed to escalate its anti-whaling tactics after Japan resumed killing whales in the Southern Ocean. The whalers halted the slaughter for nearly three weeks till Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace ships shadowing them were forced to return to Australia l ... read more

United States February 4, 2008 -- Reality TV World - United States

Animal Planet rebranding, adding more animal-themed reality shows

After spending its first 12 years of existence focused on more traditional wildlife observational programming, Animal Planet is relaunching and rebranding itself around a new more adult-targeted programming schedule that will include animal-themed reality shows and additional Meerkat Manor-like anthropomorphic ser ... read more

Iran February 4, 2008 -- Tehran Times - Iran

Anti-whalers vow bigger Antarctic presence next year

Militant environmental activists on Saturday vowed to increase their presence in the Southern Ocean next year in their bid to prevent Japanese whalers from killing the giant mammals. Paul Watson, captain of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel the Steve Irwin, said his ship had stopped the Japanese fleet from k ... read more

Australia February 3, 2008 -- The Age - Australia

Whaling crusaders to fight on

THE captain of an anti-whaling ship that docked in Melbourne yesterday wants to increase the number of activist ships tailing Japanese whaling boats. Captain Paul Watson and his crew on the Steve Irwin received a heroes" welcome from families, friends and activists gathered at Melbourne's Docklands. More than  ... read more

Australia February 3, 2008 -- ABC News - Australia

Police still to question Sea Shepherd activists

Australian Federal Police are yet question two members of the Sea Shepherd conservation group who boarded a Japanese harpoon boat without permission last month. Australian Benjamin Potts and Briton Giles Lane were held for several days after boarding the Japanese whaling vessel, before being freed in a deal worked out  ... read more

Australia February 2, 2008 -- ABC News - Australia

Sea Shepherd activists keen to return to sea

The two Sea Shepherd activists who were held captive on a Japanese whaling boat for three days plan to go back to sea as soon as possible. The Sea Shepherd ship the Steve Irwin has arrived at Victoria Harbour in Melbourne to refuel, restock and make some minor repairs. About 100 people welcomed the vessel back to Melbo ... read more

United Kingdom January 31, 2008 -- BBC News - United Kingdom

Japanese hunters resume whaling

Japan's Antarctic fleet has resumed whaling after anti-hunt activists suspended their pursuit of the vessels in the Southern Ocean to refuel. Media reports say an Australian customs vessel saw five whales being harpooned and hauled on to a Japanese ship. The Japanese fleet had stopped hunting for three weeks while  ... read more

Australia January 25, 2008 -- The Age - Australia

Japan PM defends 'scientific' whaling

JAPANESE Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda has mounted a defence of his Government's Antarctic whaling, in a sign of the hunt's growing domestic sensitivity. Mr Fukuda was asked about 'scientific' whaling in the parliament, the Diet, and also spoke to the BBC in Tokyo as the program came under greater scrutin ... read more

United Kingdom January 24, 2008 -- The Economist - United Kingdom

Salty shepherds

THE Southern Ocean is usually one of the world's loneliest shipping lanes. This month it has turned into an unseemly battleground over a bid by Australia's government and various environmental groups to stop Japan hunting and slaughtering whales. Japan aims to kill more than 900 minke and 50 fin whales from a r ... read more

Australia January 21, 2008 -- Sydney Morning Herald - Australia

It's time whaling became extinct

I am a huge fan of Japan, and have travelled there many times. I eat sashimi, I watch sumo, and I'm regularly mocked by my friends for pronouncing karaoke correctly. But there is one element of Japanese culture that leaves a sour taste in my mouth, and that's whaling. I have to admit, I've never tried whale ... read more

United Kingdom January 20, 2008 -- Times Online - United Kingdom

War of the Whales

Paul Watson has been engaging in acts of derring-do on behalf of the animal kingdom for more than 30 years. In the early 1970s, not long after he co-founded the Greenpeace environmental movement, the Canadian was among a small group of activists who took to the seas off California to try to stop a Soviet fleet from kil ... read more

United States January 19, 2008 -- Los Angeles Times - United States

Whaling showdown strains partnerships

They were pirates to some, hostages to others. But two anti-whaling activists who drew global attention this week by forcibly boarding a Japanese harpoon ship in Antarctic waters have demonstrated how the emotional clash over Japan's annual whale hunt can disrupt even the best international friendships.The high seas sh ... read more

United States January 18, 2008 -- Associated Press - United States

Australia Returns Activists to Ship

A tense standoff in frigid Antarctic waters ended Friday when two activists who had jumped on board a Japanese whaling boat were returned to their ship by Australian officials. Their return paved the way for the Japanese fleet to resume killing whales, and for their staunchest opponents to restart their campaign of har ... read more

United Kingdom January 17, 2008 -- The Guardian Unlimited - United Kingdom

A tale of two ships

Yesterday evening a nautical drama was being played out between seven ships deep in the heaving, wild and normally extremely lonely Southern Ocean on the edge of Antarctica. The Nisshin Maru, a large Japanese whaling factory ship, was steaming due south at 15 knots in heavy seas with a crew of 80 and with the carcasses ... read more

United States January 16, 2008 -- The New York Times - United States

Japan Pauses Whale Hunt During Standoff

Protesters scored a victory in a high-seas campaign to disrupt Japan's whale hunt in the Antarctic, forcing the fleet to a standstill Wednesday while officials scrambled to unload two activists who used a rubber boat to get on board a harpoon vessel. The faceoff was a rapid escalation of the annual contest between the  ... read more

Australia January 16, 2008 -- The Australian - Australia

Sea Shepherd ready to rescue activists

CONSERVATION group Sea Shepherd says it will launch its own agressive rescue of two activists detained on a Japanese whaling ship if it has to. The activists boarded the Japanese harpoon vessel Yushin Maru No. 2 in Antarctic waters yesterday afternoon to deliver a written plea to stop killing whales. A witness said the ... read more

Australia January 14, 2008 -- The Age - Australia

Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd close in on whalers

Greenpeace has claimed a new success in its Southern Ocean pursuit of the Japanese whaling factory ship Nisshin Maru, forcing it to steam out of its whaling grounds. The pursuit ran on last night, with Nisshin Maru showing no signs of slowing as it steamed north, away from the whalers" designated research area off ... read more

Australia January 8, 2008 -- The Age - Australia

Research to save whales grounded

AUSTRALIA's commitment to ending whaling has again been called into question, this time over its decision to cancel research in the Antarctic. The first aerial survey of minke whales was meant to highlight Australia's argument that whales do not have to be killed in order to study them. But a delay in approving ... read more

Australia January 3, 2008 -- The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia

Japanese whalers" location to remain secret

THE anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd has condemned the Federal Government's decision to keep the location of the Japanese whaling fleet secret. The move was a betrayal that would withhold vital information from anti-whaling groups, Paul Watson, of Sea Shepherd, said. "Once again the cards are stacked against us ... read more

Australia January 1, 2008 -- The Daily Telegraph - Australia

Harpoons aimed at pro whale cull Flannery

ENVIRONMENTALIST Tim Flannery has found himself pilloried and isolated after he claimed the annual Japanese whale cull was sustainable. Green groups involved in the fight against whaling for decades have responded with shock and surprise that Mr Flannery would support the whale hunt. The Australian of the Year and prom ... read more

Australia December 28, 2007 -- Brisbane Times - Australia

We'll get them this time, vows whaling protest leader

WITHIN a week, anti-whaling boat the Steve Irwin hopes to be harassing the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean. But yesterday it made an unscheduled appearance at Victoria Harbour at Docklands to replace pistons and take on fuel. Since leaving Melbourne on December 5, the Steve Irwin and its 41-strong crew fro ... read more

United States December 26, 2007 -- The Daily Astorian - United States

OSU to ramp up research to save whales

The widow of TV wildlife entertainer Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin will launch a nonlethal whale research program in Antarctic waters next year to prove that Japan's scientific whaling cull is a sham. Terri Irwin has announced that the whale watching program she started to honor her late husband, who died in a stingray  ... read more

Canada December 20, 2007 -- The National Post - Canada

Australia to shadow Antarctic hunt by Japanese whalers

CANBERRA - Australia will send a fisheries patrol ship to shadow Japan's whaling fleet near Antarctica and gather evidence for a possible international court challenge aimed at halting the yearly slaughter. The icebreaker Oceanic Viking, used for customs and fisheries policing, will leave for the Southern Ocean in  ... read more

Australia December 19, 2007 -- Brisbane Times - Australia

Shooting the Slaughter (SEQ snapper trails Japanese whalers)

Thousands of kilometres from the hot Queensland summer a group of the state's frontline animal warriors are in the depths of the Southern Ocean, sailing into battle against the annual Japanese Whale slaughter. Chantal Henderson, from Cotton Tree on the Sunshine Coast, is on board the flagship vessel of the Sea Shep ... read more

Australia December 18, 2007 -- ABC News - Australia

Federal Court due to rule on whaling ban

As the Federal Government decides what to do when Japanese whaling vessels arrive in the Southern Ocean for their annual hunt, it may have to take into account a court ruling on the issue. Any day now, the Federal Court will hand down a decision on whether the Government should enforce a ban on whaling in the Southern  ... read more

New Zealand December 16, 2007 -- New Zealand Herald - New Zealand

The whale warriors set sail

It's easy to like Paul Watson. The teddy-bear-faced 57-year-old has a sea dog's shock of white hair and walrus moustache, a rebel leader's expansive charisma and a poet-cum-PR guru's genius for spin. He is the most affable zealot. He is also at war with most of humankind. Born and raised in Canada, Wats ... read more

Australia December 14, 2007 -- The Australian - Australia

Whale navy plan "could harm ties with Japan"

OPPOSITION Leader Brendan Nelson has warned that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd may be risking Australia's relationship with Japan with his proposal to use the military to monitor Japanese whalers. Japan has so far kept silent about a plan by the Rudd Government – flagged before the federal election – to use ... read more

Australia December 14, 2007 -- The Age - Australia

Rudd drafts plans to spy on whalers

AUSTRALIA is developing plans to monitor Japanese whaling in order to mount international legal action over the controversial Antarctic hunt. It has also reversed previous government policy and will back a long-running Federal Court case against the hunt. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the Government was considering th ... read more

Australia December 10, 2007 -- Port Macquarie News - Australia

Keep your hands off Migaloo

The Japanese have their sights set on one of Port Macquarie's favourite visitors, Migaloo the white whale. Foreign whalers won't give a commitment to spare the endangered humpback from the harpoon as they target the Southern Ocean's whale sanctuary. In sushi restaurants whale is valued about $90 a kilo. The ... read more

Australia December 10, 2007 -- The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia

Apathy in the face of whale slaughter

Illustration: Michael Mucci This morning, in the grey swells of the Southern Ocean, a pirate ship will enter the waters of the Australian Antarctic Territory. It is a black ship, bearing a black pirate flag, the Jolly Roger. For the past five days it has sailed south, so that it can take position and wait for its prey. ... read more

United Kingdom December 6, 2007 -- Shipping Times - United Kingdom

Sea Shepherd vessel named in honour of Steve Irwin

Terri Irwin has granted the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society permission to rename its ship currently known as Robert Hunter in honour of her late husband, Steve Irwin. Captain Paul Watson, founder and president of Sea Shepherd and Terri Irwin officially announced the new name for the ship Steve Irwin at a press confer ... read more

New Zealand December 6, 2007 -- Kiwi FM - New Zealand

Kiwi FM Radio Interview with Captain Paul Watson

Listen to Captain Paul Watson’s first radio interview from the Operation Migaloo campaign! The interview is with Wallace Chapman from Kiwi FM in Auckland, NZ interviewing Captain Watson en route to the Southern Ocean on reasons for naming the ship after Steve Irwin and the Operation Migaloo campaign. (Website: ht ... read more

Australia December 6, 2007 -- Herald Sun - Australia

Steve Irwin's fighting spirit lives on

TERRI Irwin is awaiting the day she reads the headline 'steve Irwin stops whaling vessel". And it may happen sooner than later as the Crocodile Hunter's widow yesterday unveiled a new moniker for an anti-whaling ship owned by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The newly christened Steve Irwin, formerly ... read more

Australia December 6, 2007 -- The Age - Australia

Anti-whaling group honours Irwin

Controversial anti-whaling group the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has swapped the name of Greenpeace co-founder Robert Hunter for the Crocodile Hunter on its front-line campaign ship. Sailing as the Robert Hunter, the Sea Shepherd ship made international headlines in February when it collided with Japanese whaling ... read more

United Kingdom December 5, 2007 -- Reuters Video - United Kingdom

Whaling ships on collision course

Dec. 5 - Activist ship leaves Australia in campaign to stop Japanese whalers. The ship from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will be part of the organisation's latest campaign to stop Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean. Click here to watch the video  ... read more

United States December 5, 2007 -- Associated Press / Google News - United States

Anti-Whaling Group Dubs Ship Steve Irwin

A conservation group that has vowed to disrupt Japan's annual whale hunt launched its Antarctic campaign Wednesday by renaming one of its ships after "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, the late environmental campaigner. The U.S.-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society says it will use whatever means necessary to ... read more

Australia December 2, 2007 -- The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia

Labor faces whale of a decision

One of the first decisions of the new Labor Government when it meets tomorrow will be how to fulfil its election promise to send the Australian Navy south to monitor Japanese whale hunters. Incoming environment minister Peter Garrett will raise the issue when cabinet holds its first meeting tomorrow after being sworn i ... read more

Australia November 30, 2007 -- Today Show Australia - Australia

Stopping Japanese whaling

November 30, 2007: Radical conservation groups are calling on the Rudd Government to send warships, to stop Japanese whaling boats from slaughtering around 1000 of the mammals Stopping Japanese whaling  ... read more

United Arab Emirates November 28, 2007 -- 7Days - United Arab Emirates

Send in the navy

A hardline anti-whaling group yesterday urged Australia’s incoming Labour government to honour a campaign pledge to send in its navy to monitor Japan’s whaling fleet as it heads for Antarctic waters. Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson compared whaling to poaching elephants, as the group prepares to send its o ... read more

United States November 20, 2007 -- Time Magazine - United States

Why Japan's Whale Hunt Continues

It's a ritual that boils the blood of whale-watchers everywhere. On Nov. 18, a fleet of four Japanese vessels left Shimonoseki harbor in Western Japan to begin its five-month whale hunt in the Antarctic Ocean. This time, however, the whalers are planning what's expected to be its largest hunt in decades; along with abo ... read more

United Kingdom November 20, 2007 -- The Independent - United Kingdom

The saviours of the whale

As the Japanese harpooners set sail, their bitterest foes are also mobilising – and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will stop at nothing to protect the humpbacks. Among the thousands of humpback whales that have begun making their way south towards the icy waters of the Antarctic's Southern Ocean this m ... read more

Australia November 20, 2007 -- Today Show Australia - Australia

Quest to stop whalers

November 20, 2007: A defiant Japanese whaling ship is on its way to slaughter more than a thousand whales, but Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd are hoping to intercept the fleet . . . Quest to stop whalers  ... read more

New Zealand November 14, 2007 -- New Zealand Herald - New Zealand

Japan told to spare white whale

New Zealand's new Conservation Minister has sent out a strongly worded message to Japan as the country prepares to hunt what is believed to be the world's rarest whale. The world's only known white humpback whale could be slaughtered as Japan's whaling fleet prepares to embark on its annual hunt in the  ... read more

Australia November 12, 2007 -- AM - Australia

Japan asks Australia to protect whalers

TONY EASTLEY: Japan is worried that its whaling fleet is going to be targeted by protesters on the high seas during its annual Southern Ocean hunt and it wants Australia and New Zealand to provide some protection. Japan says its ships have been subject to terrorist-like action and says it's stepping up its own secu ... read more

United States October 29, 2007 -- The New Yorker - United States

Neptune's Navy - Paul Watson's wild crusade to save the oceans

One afternoon last winter, two ships lined up side by side in a field of pack ice at the mouth of the Ross Sea, off the coast of Antarctica. They belonged to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a vigilante organization founded by Paul Watson, thirty years ago, to protect the world’s marine life from the destru ... read more

Australia October 19, 2007 -- Mercury - Australia

Sea Shepherd to protect flock

JAPANESE whalers' plans to slaughter endangered humpback whales in Australian waters this summer face fierce opposition on both land and sea, says the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The Institute for Cetacean Research has plans to fill kill quotas of up to 50 humpback whales, 10 endangered fin whales and 1000 m ... read more

Australia September 29, 2007 -- The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia

Meet the man who hunts the whalers

Call him dangerous or call him courageous. Just don't call him unwilling. Paul Watson, the Ahab who scours the Southern Ocean for the Japanese whaling fleet, is girding for another attack - this time on behalf of a white whale. This summer the Japanese fleet is to add Australian humpbacks to the hundreds of whales  ... read more

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