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Operation Waltzing Matilda - In the News

Check out selected media coverage that Operation Waltzing Matilda has received around the world.



Australia December 14, 2009 -- The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia

Japanese harpoon whaling talks

The first harpoon of this year's whaling season has been fired, and it was shot by Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada. Like the grenade-tipped harpoons his whalers shoot in the Antarctic, it left its target bloodied and flailing. Still alive, but barely. Okada's weapon was his words, and his hit was on peace talks ... read more

United States November 19, 2009 -- Mother Nature News - United States

Japan's whaling season has begun

Japanese whalers have set out for waters off the Australian Antarctic Territory. Australians await their arrival with trepidation, as this is the third season since Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s government pledged to end whaling in the Southern Ocean. The International Whaling Commission (IWC) confirms that each ye ... read more

Australia October 21, 2009 -- - Australia

Arrest the whalers, activist demands

AUTHORITIES should arrest Japanese whalers if they hunt in Australian waters this summer, a radical protest group says. Japan is expected to target Australia's Antarctic waters for its annual whale hunt. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which will send two vessels to harass the Japanese fleet, wants to see the wh ... read more

United States August 26, 2009 -- Reality TV World - United States

Animal Planet renews 'Whale Wars' reality series for a third season

Animal Planet announced that it has renewed Whale Wars for a third season. Whale Wars' second-season finale aired last Friday night on Animal Planet, and it was the most-watched episode ever of the reality series -- averaging 1.3 million total viewers. Overall, Whale Wars' second season was the second-best performing s ... read more



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