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Operation Waltzing Matilda Crew Blog

Welcome to the Operation Waltzing Matilda crew blog. Please check back often for blogs written by members of the Sea Shepherd crew, directly from the Steve Irwin in the southern oceans.

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March 5, 2010

Blog from the Bob Barker Engine Room - Phil Edmondson

Blog from the Bob Barker Engine Room Phil Edmondson 3rd Engineer,  Bob Barker Antarctica, the oft-raging Southern Oceans - a hostile environment for a species so ill adapted to extremes of temperature. And so we bob along in our tiny life-support capsule under the guise of the veteran ex-whaling ship Bob Barker, it's signature black & yellow paint now showing the odd streak of rust after eight weeks at sea and a little physical contact with the Yushin Maru 3! Our character-rich little home, our sole means of tak ... Read More

March 5, 2010

Food preparations before action… - Amber Paarman and Christine Bindal

Food preparations before action... Amber Paarman and Christine Bindal Galley, Bob Barker We were sweeping along the ice shelf in the Southern Oceans Whale Sanctuary and it was likely that we would engage the whalers in a day or two. The deckhands were getting their gear ready to go into battle while the bridge and engine room departments were trying to get as much sleep as possible in between their watches... but not Team Galley! Team Galley keeps a careful watch to make sure that everyone is fed well, around the clock, seven ... Read More

March 5, 2010

Ordinary People - Extraordinary Change - Wietse Van Der Werf

Ordinary People - Extraordinary Change Wietse Van Der WerfSteve Irwin A few days ago, running low on fuel, we were forced to head back to land. With whaling stopped for over three weeks, this is the longest and most successful anti-whaling campaign in the Southern Ocean to date. For the last few weeks we were right where we wanted to be most. The one place where we can be sure that all illegal whaling operations in the Southern Ocean have stopped. It is here, right behind the Nisshin Maru that our months of preparation and hard wor ... Read More

March 1, 2010

Photographing Life on the Barker - Glenn Lockitch

Photographing Life on the Barker Glenn Lockitch Ship's Photographer, Bob Barker The nearly sixty-year-old Bob Barker, the latest addition to the Sea Shepherd fleet, is an ex-whaling ship that is not short of character and is a smorgasbord to the visual sense especially for a photographer. I joined the ship on the 2nd of December in Mauritius, having flown in from Sydney, and arrived at Port Louis not knowing what to expect. My taxi driver from the airport, a regular driver for the Sea Shepherd crew and chatty on subjects from po ... Read More

February 25, 2010

Galley Update - Nicola Paris

Galley Update Nicola Paris Galley, Steve Irwin Sweet Valentines Day   Although no one bothered sending me roses on the pirate ship or even an email, it was a very sweet valentines day.  In the days since, all the action days seem blurred into one... but we had a very successful day. The boat launch was as smooth as it has ever been, and our actions very successful. We exchanged Valentines Day presents with the crew of the Bob... both crews seem to be happily wed in a mutual appreciation society. We sent them ... Read More

February 25, 2010

Icebergs and Whaling Ships - Darius Fullmer

Icebergs and Whaling Ships Darius FullmerDeckhand, Bob Barker Icebergs. You would be amazed at how convincingly a combination of Antarctic twilight and anxious anticipation can make distant icebergs look like whaling ships. It had been a frustrating and often tedious week on the lookout. For 24 hours a day we rotated watches on the monkey deck, the highest level of the vessel, scanning the horizon for the whaling factory ship, the Nisshin Maru, and their satellite harpoon ships. Each began the same, with high hopes that today woul ... Read More

February 25, 2010

Life in the Antarctic - Fiona McCuaig

Life in the Antarctic Fiona McCuaigDeckhand, Bob Barker What a day! Welcomed gratefully after two slightly frustrating days of walking in what seemed like a monotonous excursion from the mess to the scullery. The last 24 hours have been interrupted by loud, banging, crunching sounds of uncompromising icebergs hitting the hull. Some of which bring wide-eyed expressions even to the engineers, who surely can't be too alarmed knowing that we have an ice-class vessel. The scene outside has been one of the most beautiful surroundings we ... Read More

February 13, 2010

Into the Storm - Fiona McCuaig

Into the Storm Fiona McCuaig Deckhand, Bob Barker Seasickness is soon to hit. We are relentlessly following the whaling factory ship and it is leading us into the eye of a huge storm. I'm sure that they are hoping that the hole they created in our hull from their violent ramming a few days ago will leave us drowning in the ten meter swell (of course we've repaired the ship) ... the mood on the ship would normally be lethargic with the thought of being undeservedly tossed around for 24 hours, objects flying athwart ship, nausea ... Read More

February 13, 2010

Chasing the Nisshin Maru - Andrea Gordon

Chasing the Nisshin Maru Andrea Gordon Deckhand, Bob Barker The first time I saw whales while aboard the Bob Barker was way back in mid-September last year.  I had just joined Sea Shepherd's newest ship in Africa along with nine other volunteers.  Only a couple days after I arrived we departed on Bob Barker's maiden voyage and we had frequent finned visitors alongside the ship.  The whales kept us company, traveling with us in the warm waters within eyeshot of the coastline. By the first nightfall however, our journ ... Read More

February 12, 2010

Shutting Down Illegal Whaling - Andrea Gordon

Shutting Down Illegal Whaling Andrea GordonDeckhand, Bob Barker Shortly after we began chasing the Nisshin Maru, the whaling fleet showed that they were desperate to continue their criminal whaling operation.  Just 12 hours had passed since we had latched on to the tail of the Nisshin Maru and the harpoon ships were already taking aggressive action to try and shake us. I was standing outside on the bow of the Bob Barker when I saw their highly maneuverable ships suddenly start closing in on us.  They formed a tight counte ... Read More

Dec 16, 2009 - The Spy Ship - Brent King



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