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Into the Storm

Fiona McCuaig
Deckhand, Bob Barker

Seasickness is soon to hit. We are relentlessly following the whaling factory ship and it is leading us into the eye of a huge storm. I'm sure that they are hoping that the hole they created in our hull from their violent ramming a few days ago will leave us drowning in the ten meter swell (of course we've repaired the ship) ... the mood on the ship would normally be lethargic with the thought of being undeservedly tossed around for 24 hours, objects flying athwart ship, nausea deep seated in our stomachs. But the crew on the Bob Barker could not be happier.

We’re entering our second week of carrying out our number one Waltzing Matilda campaign strategy. Keeping up the bum of the factory ship means seven blissful days that whales have not agonized in a 20 plus minute barbaric harpoon death; five days of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary living up to its name and five days of the factory ship workers redundant in their cabins with the vacuum packing machine switched off - all helping toward making the situation economically nonviable for the whalers so they go home to Japan, and stay home.

The Steve Irwin is now here with us and we are so proud to have the two ships together at last. It would have been great to have the Ady Gil here too if the illegal whalers had not aggressively sliced it in two pieces last month. Cabin fever is quickly blown off with a visit to the shelter deck. The "war scene" can look slightly comical with the six ships perfectly arranged in a triangle. First we have the Nisshin Maru speeding away at their full speed of 15 knots, followed by the Bob Barker and Steve Irwin on either stern side and behind us the harpoon and security ships.

And I have to ask myself: where are we going? Where are the Japanese whalers taking us?



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