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Their World, Their Wilderness

Wietse Van Der Werf
Ship's Carpenter / 5th Engineer, Steve Irwin

Wietse van der Werf'Attention all crew, whales breaching off the bow, whales breaching off the bow'.

The announcement makes everyone jump into action straight away. 'Whales! Quick quick!' We all rush up the stairs and onto the deck. There, about 50 meters from the ship, two humpback whales jump out of the water, throwing their huge bodies up in the air, and crashing back down, causing huge eruptions on the surface. We all stand there in awe. So far, we hadn't seen many whales at all. Quite a discouraging observation when you consider a vast industrial whaling fleet looming about. But they're definitely here and happy to show off their tricks. Under the sound of cheering and clapping from the ever-growing spectator crowd on deck, they continue to breach, flip, and thrust back down. When you see these animals in the free, open ocean, their wilderness, their world, it gives you strength to carry on.

It’s theiInspiration to pursue our goals in shutting down these pirate whalers.



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