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White Christmas

Pete Bethune
Skipper, Ady Gil

The food haul off the Steve Irwin a few days ago was not massive, but we did score a few veggies. I've wrapped them all up in tinfoil, and they're placed precariously around the exhaust manifold and turbochargers on our two Cummins engines. There are even a couple vegan roast turkeys in there as well. Not quite sure what's in them. They look more like cheese than turkey. But we'll find out in a few hours, when our Xmas banquet unfolds.

I wander back into the galley where Laurens is busy working on his accessories to the roast. "How about mushroom sauce,” he says hopefully.

"Yeah if we had some mushrooms. They're long gone." He goes back to rummaging through the various bins of food.

"Oh I did prepare this,” he says, proudly holding up a green bin of water. His smile never disappears, only now it’s even bigger than usual.

"You have a bowl of water, Laurens you are amazing,” I reply with a sarcastic edge, but I'm slightly curious exactly what Laurens thinks he has achieved.

"But it's snow water.  I gathered all the snow on the back deck and we can have Antarctic tea. Which I have to admit is kind of cool.  It started snowing early this morning and hasn't let up.  So we're in for a white Christmas.  And Antarctic tea it would seem. Although give me blue skies, a white beach and rum n coke instead any day.

It seems like ages ago since the Steve Irwin headed off for Macquarie Island.  In fact it is not even two days. Time goes so quickly down here. Word came through today that they are in fact heading all the way to Hobart to refuel instead. It is a big lonely place down here by yourself, especially in a tiny little boat.  There's also a sense of what are we doing here. We should be at home with our families. Instead we're bobbing around amongst ice bergs and trying to bring an end to illegal whaling.

I snuck a few calls back to family earlier today.  Speaking to Sharyn and the girls just made me more homesick really.  But it was great to have a quick chat.  This sure will be an unusual Christmas.



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