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Galley Blog: Updates from the Steve Irwin Kitchen

By Nicola Paris
2nd Cook, M/Y Steve Irwin

Nicola ParisFriday, December 18, 2009

Pizza night. Yum. Happy crew. Enough said 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A day to never forget. By coming on this confronting, yet amazing journey we work under difficult circumstances and participate in sometimes nerve-wracking confrontations in our efforts to stop illegal whaling. Yet we are also privileged to see the most stunning places in the world. Today, I stepped foot on the continent of Antarctica at Cape Denison. Words can’t describe the beauty of the landscape. We were able to walk through the hut Douglas Mawson built as one of the early Antarctic explorers in 1910 - and met the crew who are conserving this important historic site… as well as meeting the curious Adelie penguins that they are lucky enough to share this breathtaking place with.  A few of them even jumped in our inflatable boat until they realized that perhaps they didn’t want to come with us after all.

Then back to work - we had invited the base crew back for dinner so we cooked for nearly 60 people. Curry, vegetarian sushi, soup, and apple strudel for dessert…and a galley dance off ensued.

Oh, and earlier in the day over 20 crew jumped off the ship into the zero degree water for the annual Sea Shepherd ‘swimming with the penguins’ ritual. We don’t stay in long enough for any penguins to come near us though, and as I was somewhat uncoordinated on my exit, and stayed in a bit too long, I think my feet may still be defrosting.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Taking advantage of the brief respite we embark on a big clean and sort. Lunch: stir-fried noodle tofu. Dinner: pasta alfredo - vegan style and beautiful freshly cooked garlic bread. Walking through the galley on the way to bed I noticed sunlight reflected from the water dancing through the galley - and headed up onto deck to stand in full sunshine, and chill winds at 11pm.

Monday, December 21, 2009

We are heading back out from our calm weather haven into the twilight zone of limited sleep and white-capped waves. Lunch is quinoa and lentil soup.  This afternoon I made chocolate melting moments, hot chili relish, and carrot cake. The whaling fleet is still wasting money by having the Shonan Maru following us. We are eager to find the rest of the fleet soon.



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