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Engine Room Blog: Ordinary Day in Antarctica

By David Nickarz

Just off engine room watch, and everything is nice and boring down there. It’s also getting colder too.  We had to turn the heater on in the watch room and the engineers have been wearing more layers of clothes.  Pouring a gallon of engine oil takes twice as long.

We had a confrontation with the Shonan Maru No. 2, an older whaling ship now following us since we left Fremantle.  When Chris was flying near the ship to take pictures, they pointed the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) at him, which is a violation of international law.  After he landed, they came up and turned on their water cannons, threatening the helicopter before it could be stowed in the hanger.

After a brief chase and close maneuvers, the ship assumed it’s usual position, following a few miles behind us.

Later in the day we sent Chris and Locky to the French Antarctic base Dumont D’urville.

I also did a live interview with CBC radio in Winnipeg, Canada.  I told them about the confrontation the day before when the Shonan Maru no. 2 used the LRAD on Chris in the helicopter.



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