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Curry and Christmas Prep

Nicola Paris
Galley, Steve Irwin

December 22, 2009

It was a curry kind of day… and a little eventful - the Shonan Maru has become increasingly aggressive and we were called by the bridge to advise the galley of possible imminent collision.  The Shonan Maru had come very close to us once; and seemed to be taking another run at us.  I switched off all the heaters and appliances in the mess and galley and ran up on deck to the sound of the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) being used at close range, and helped prep a stern line for deployment.  We use a line with a buoy attached trailing behind our stern to deter them from coming too close.  They ran over this and destroyed the line. After several runs at us they retreated. And I went back down to the galley to bake cookies for afternoon tea .

Two weeks out from port and we are slowly being limited in what fresh produce we have left to work with.  It’s a fine balancing act of prepping food to make sure we don’t lose any of the produce early on; and encouraging crew to eat the masses of whatever fruit and vegetables we get over-supplied with… so we are currently rationing out certain vegetables whilst inundating people with melons before they spoil, and lots of fruit salads. Oh yes, and we still have avocados.

A bout of insomnia later on resulted in scones and chocolate cake, as well as cinnamon hot chocolate for the deck crew who were working late.

Wednesday 23rd

Lunch today was samosa’s and left-over curry… Dinner is currently under discussion - Laura and I just had an unenthused conversation about how to use up a bunch of zucchini’s… some days we are more inspired than others.

Christmas preparations are underway.  We have organized a secret Santa-Kris Kringle; otherwise known as the December 25th pirate gift exchange program for the un-Christmas minded. The idea is a homemade or recycled gift to be exchanged after drawing a name out of a hat…talented carpenters, artists, metal workers, seamstresses and improvisers seem to be at work on their presents while my uncreative mind is struggling… a cooking lesson? A supersized bowl of guacamole?  Rights to my life story should I fall overboard? A gift voucher to be redeemed for a particularly grotty chore? Stay tuned. More thrilling updates in my quest for pirate peer acceptance will be available shortly.



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