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Departure day

Nicola Paris
2nd Cook, M/Y Steve Irwin

Nicola ParisIts a relief to finally be heading out at sea. The ship has been working for months to get to this point. Amazing and surreal send off. A drumming band, Terri, Bindi, and Bob Irwin as well as associated media scrum and screaming Irwin fans Leaving from my home town means I had family there to say good-bye and send us off, which was a rare treat

The support we have received in Perth has been extraordinary. We have taken on literally hundreds of kilos of produce and dry goods there are too many people to list here, but special thanks on the food front has to go to John Mercer, Kakulas, Manna, Cruelty Free WA, and all the individuals who made small and large donations of food and cash to help provision us with the best quality, freshest produce to cook vegan food for over 40 people for several months.

And now the hype of port has gone and we area heading out to do our job. We are ready to go. We hope. Its a bit hard to pop out to the shop for those key missing ingredients in Antarctica. I will be writing this blog whilst we are at sea and include some tips and recipes from all of the cooks, talk about what its like cooking in rough seas, and general life on the ship.

Day 1

A few people seem to be out for the count the ship always seems a bit quiet when we depart and everyone is getting their sea legs whispers wander around the ship of who is really sick, needs ginger, and who is holding up better than they thought. We try and make simple, bland food to keep tender stomachs from upheaval.

One of our photographers, Barbara, joined us in the galley to help us make farofa the topping for feijoadayuuuuuuuuum

Lunch - Rice bake, green salad, fresh juice
Dinner - Feijoada: a brazilian dish of beans, with unbrazilian salsa & guacamole

Day 2

Lunch: Grilled vegetable sandwiches, with fresh baked rolls
Dinner: A Thai-style feast of coconut noodles; stir fried veggies

There are three of us in the galley for this campaign: myself, our chief cook Laura, and Vera We will be cooking for over 40 people daily: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea as well as fresh bread from scratch.

We have the unusual problem of an over supply of avocados so I am working out how many variations of guacamole I can come up with. The crew may well be turning green shortly for multiple reasons.

Sleeping is a challenge in this roly-poly weather I am sharing a cabin up in the general neighbourhood towards the bow known as zero gravity. Its always exciting to be overtired when you are in a working environment surrounded by hot, pointy, sharp things.

Todays tip from the galley: When the seas are splashing against the portholes washing machine style soup is a bad idea.

Weve turned our clocks back to adjust to southbound time today, so Ill be getting up at the equivalent of 3am to make breakfast.

Day 3

Made it up for breakfast, including avocadoes then crashed for a few hours. Lunch included avocadoes, dinner included avocadoes, and now am about to make an extra dessert out of avocadoes. We had our first food casualties today with half the filling for the calzones ending up on the floor. The first of many food casualties Im sure

Lunch: A bunch of salads, couscous, faux chicken.
Dinner: Calzones, mushroom gravy and banana oat slice



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