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Stephen Bennett
3rd Engineer - M/Y Steve Irwin

The global ocean makes up 99 per cent of the living space on the planet. If you total all of the lands surface and the narrow band of air that supports creatures who breathe air, it is just 1 per cent of where life can survive on the planet. The rest is in the ocean. - Seasick; the hidden ecological crisis of the global ocean.

Stephen BennettThis will be my third Antarctic anti-whaling campaign, and as the other crew and I undertake preparations for the upcoming voyage, the above quote is just one of many like facts that swim around inside my head. Its one of the driving forces that moves me to act and steels my resolve for these campaigns.

At the end of this year a seven ship whaling fleet, backed by the Japanese government and tolerated by the rest of the worlds governments, will depart Japan and head south to the icy Antarctic waters, with the aim of destroying over 900 whales. We will also be heading south, a lonesome group, to intercept and intervene in their brutal scheme.

I feel like this coming campaign could be make or break, with the whalers suffering huge economic losses in the last few seasons due to our actions, and the escalation of the confrontations. I feel that this could be the straw that breaks their economic back and we could see an end to this insane pursuit of profit at the expense of so many lives. When I think about the trigger being pulled on a harpoon gun, and the moment when that heavy piece of blunt steel tears into the back of a curious whale, I know completely that theres no other place Id rather be than here on this ship, getting ready for the campaign. Turning my sentiment into action.



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