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SSG Educational ProjectThe Galapagos Office Completes Environmental Education Project for Local Schools - With the support of the Galapagos School Board, Sea Shepherd Galapagos extended the educational and informative aspects of the Shark Awareness Pack to all schools on Santa Cruz Island. more ...en Español

OBR 2011 Campaign updateSea Shepherd Campaign Status - Operation Blue Rage 2011 - In March 2010, CITES refused to list bluefin tuna as an endangered species due to pressure from Japan, China, and Libya. When a fish reaches the average price of $75,000 USD, banning its trade can upset many people, and apparently the controversy was too much to take for the CITES. more

Tuna Battle off the Barbary CoastTuna Battle off the Barbary Coast - Sea Shepherd’s Operation Blue Rage 2011 has certainly enraged Tunisian fishermen operating on Melita Bank, roughly 70 nautical miles off the Libyan coast and 20 miles inside the NATO no fly zone. Sea Shepherd is searching only for illegal fishing operations. more

Sea Shepherd saves the life of a Tunisian Tuna FishermanSea Shepherd Saves the Life of a Tunisian Tuna Fisherman - At 1100 hours, as Sea Shepherd’s the Brigitte Bardot was passing a group of Tunisian purse seiners, our vessel was hailed on Ch.16 by a fishing vessel in French. We were informed that a fisherman onboard the Tijani had sliced his wrist and required urgent medical attention. more

Cathay Pacific Airlines Participates in the Dolphin Slave TradeCathay Pacific Airlines Participates in the Dolphin Slave Trade - On May 30, 2011, six captive dolphins were taken from Taiji, Japan and shipped to China. The trucks carrying the dolphins from Taiji were waiting at the Kansai International Airport at 9:00 am when we found them, meaning they left Taiji around 5:00 am, if not earlier. more

Cove Guardians

Cove Guardian Reports From Taiji rss_icon_text_25x15
Sea Shepherd representative Scott West returns to Japan to keep watch on the dolphin killing coves. You can read his reports with photos and video on our Cove Guardian page. Updated May 19 .... read reports

Other Recent News

• 05 June 2011 Hot Pursuit of Tuna Seiner Along Qaddafi’s Line of Death
• 01 June 2011 Operation Blue Rage 2011 Commences: Sea Shepherd Departs for Hostile Libyan Waters to Save Tuna
• 25 May 2011 The Beast Transforms into a Beauty as Godzilla Becomes the Brigitte Bardot
• 23 May 2011 Sea Shepherd Sting Campaign ends in Court
• 18 May 2011 Sea Shepherd Galapagos Launches Environmental Law Manual

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Who is Roberto Mielgo Bregazzi? - Commentary by Captain Paul Watson - Roberto Mielgo Bregazzi describes himself as an independent bluefin tuna industry/market analyst and consultant. Apparently he is a consultant for Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund on bluefin tuna issues. He is also a consultant for the tuna industry, and specifically for one of the most notoriously corrupt companies named Fish and Fish Ltd. out of Malta.  ... read more

Sea Shepherd Sails into a Star-studded Controversy at Cannes - Commentary by Captain Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd returned to the Cannes International Film Festival for the second year in a row with the Steve Irwin.  ... read more

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