Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Toxic Tragedy Spreads

Gulf of Mexico, June 2nd

by Bonny Schumaker

We watch the tragic toxic mass continue to grow, but scientists estimate that we are seeing only 2-5% of the oil. The rest remains below the surface and the damage will remain long beyond any eventual surface cleanup.

Probably what got us the most was the recognition of the thousands of breeding pairs of pelicans, egrets, and more on the Chandeleur Islands, now with hatchlings. They hunt/fish together along the lines between the oil slicks and less oily water. Having seen some of those oiled fish wash up on shore, filled to the gills with oil and sludge, it becomes clear that the most tragic impending doom is not just a few oiled feathers -- it is the certain permanent and lethal damage to the entire populations from eating oiled and contaminated fish.