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Operation Gulf Rescue-Related News Postings and Editorials by Sea Shepherd

To read articles as reported by the media (published in newspapers, magazines, and online) about Sea Shepherd and our Operation Gulf Rescue, please visit In the Media.


2010 Oct 19 - Sea Shepherd's Operation Gulf Rescue Continues Six Months After Spill

2010 Sept 05 - Sea Shepherds Find Healthy Whale Sharks in the Gulf! (commentary)

2010 July 26 - Sea Shepherd Operation Gulf Rescue Update (commentary)

2010 July 12 - Operation Black Water in Cuba Triumphs in the Name of Sea Life

2010 July 01 - Sea Shepherd at Deepwater Ground Zero

2010 Jun 30 - Operation Gulf Rescue Ramps Up

2010 May 25 - Democracy Now! Interviews Sea Shepherd’s Scott West

2010 May 17 - Gulf Rescue Campaign

2010 May 10 - It Could Have Been Avoided (commentary)


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