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Monday, June 21, 2010

Helping the Bird Rescue Efforts

Gulf of Mexico, June 21st

by Bonny Schumaker

I Ieft rather spur of the moment Saturday morning for the Gulf,  Kurt called and had news from some photographers that wanted to have me fly them around here, and that plus their contacts here and the weather outlook for later this week were enough to tip the decision to "Go NOW." 

It's being hugely productive so far.   Arrived midday yesterday and we spent yesterday with the oiled bird guys down in Fort Jackson.  What a great thing that was, because they're good friends with the ED and second in command of IBRRC, so we got the full tour for several hours. We got to see everything, not like the one-hour press gathering they allow for one hour at a time three times per week.  The meetings were great, really got to the core of things.  Clarified for me what the challenges are here for helping.

We're up early today, heading to the airport to fly.  I'm scheduled to fly Jay Holkum, head of IBRRC and the Gulf ops, this evening.  These guys haven't been up in the air yet, their heads are down full time treating the birds.  We learned last night that about 500 baby pelicans are arriving at the treatment center in Fort Jackson this morning.



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