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Sea Shepherd to bring the Whale Wars to the Faeroe IslandsSea Shepherd to Bring the Whale Wars to the Faeroe Islands - Sea Shepherd will be returning to the Danish Faeroe Islands in the summer of 2011 with a plan to stop the horrific slaughter of thousands of pilot whales.  "What the Faeroese do is even more cruel than the slaughter of the dolphins in Taiji, Japan,” said Sea Shepherd CEO Steve Roest from the UK. “What Sea Shepherd began in Taiji led to the production of the Academy Award film The Cove. We need to put a similar spotlight on the Faeroes.” read more

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Faeroe Islands: The Graveyard of ShameGuest Commentary - On August 5, 2010 at dawn, 83 pilot whales were murdered in a narrow hunting bay of the Faeroe Islands called Leynar. The bodies were then transported to the small harbor of Kvivik to be cut into pieces.A month earlier, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society had sent me to the Faeroe Islands as an undercover operative in order to prepare for the Grind Stop Campaign, which was to be carried out on the Golfo Azzuro, a ship used by Sea Shepherd in partnership with the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.....read more

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Bloodbath in Leynar Claimed Four Pregnant Females IMG 2686 thumbFaeroe Islands: New Photos Show that Bloodbath in Leynar Claimed Four Pregnant Females - Undercover Operative Sofia Jonsson captured shocking images from the town of Kivik as The Grind still continues in the Faeroe Islands. "I noticed several dead pregnant females and counted at least four dead babies." Jonsson also photographed disturbing images of children partaking in the slaughter....read more

The Grind

In July 2010, Sea Shepherd had an undercover operative in the Faeroe Islands, and we exposed shocking images of slaughtered pilot whales with unborn calves which were cut out of their mothers’ bodies.

These mammals are killed during what the locals call “the Grind,” but more accurately should be called what it is—slaughter.

The Faeroese pilot whale grind is similar to the annual Taiji dolphin slaughter in Japan, documented in the award-winning film, The Cove. The main difference is that there are at least twenty-three different coves in the Faeroes where a grind could potentially take place, as opposed to one cove in Taiji!

Sea Shepherd has been actively opposing and confronting the Faeroese grind since 1985 and will remain one of the foremost advocates for the whales.


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