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Sea Shepherd YouTube Video Contest Winners

On September 20, 2010, we launched the competition “YouTube Your Way to Being a Whale Warrior.” We received 88 video entries for our contest, each entrant trying their best to win the First Prize which is to join the crew for Operation No Compromise, our 2010-11 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign.

The main criteria for the contest:

  • Make a short YouTube presentation to tell us why we need YOU on the crew.
  • The entries will be judged for originality, humor, and creativity.


2nd Place goes to . . .

This contest was inspired by a video sent in by Mitchell Kirk. The two videos that he created are still the funniest and best submitted. We would have given Mitchell first prize EXCEPT he’s going to college and can’t actually join the crew so we have given him 2nd place.


3rd Place goes to . . .

Third place went to Damon Foster and his video was funny, creative, and passionate. It was a tough choice between him and the first place winner. We would like to extend an invitation to Damon to participate on a future campaign in 2011. He would make an excellent crewmember.


Honorable Mentions are . . .

We also had two honorable mentions and two potential future crew members:

Honorable mention #1: Stephanie Sundberg – she put a lot of effort into it and her two videos were funny.

Honorable mention #2Chris Quarre - Chris will make an excellent bridge officer and we would love to have him join us on a future campaign.


And Our First Prize Winner is . . .

The First Prize and the opportunity to crew on Operation No Compromise goes to Amanda Caldwell. We were impressed with the fact that she is a culinary school graduate, a vegan cook, and a trained medic. It is our opinion that she had the most passionate entry, and passion for this cause is our most important asset. She has been interviewed and seems to be a perfect fit for the crew on the Steve Irwin.


1st place winner: Amanda Caldwell
2nd place winner:  Mitchell Kirk
3rd place winner: Damon Foster

Congratulations to Amanda, Mitchell, and Damon and a big thank-you to all 88 entrants. We only wish we had room to take every one of you!

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