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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society! Our campaigns are only possible because of the day-to-day efforts of our many volunteers. We are always in need of volunteers to conduct outreach activities, fundraisers, obtain donated supplies, distribute information, do research, and so much more!

Onshore volunteers (OSVs) are Crewmembers, and are a vital part of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the greater Sea Shepherd Movement. Because of the hard work, passion, and commitment of dedicated volunteers across North America, we are able to conduct our highly successful direct action campaigns to defend, conserve, and protect our planet’s fragile marine eco-systems. Onshore Volunteers play an active part in the organization - and have a direct impact on campaigns - by fundraising, distributing information, hosting events, building local chapters, acquiring donated supplies, raising awareness, assisting with research, and by participating in other vital activities to support Sea Shepherd’s mission.

The OSV program is hard work. It requires commitment and a willingness to go above and beyond. It requires initiative, drive, and sacrifice. The OSV program is not for everyone or even for every Sea Shepherd supporter, and that is OK. With long hours, set up and breakdown of events, and extensive interaction with the general public, fulfilling the role of an OSV can be a big responsibility. It does require time, availability and a readiness to show up. However, the efforts of our Onshore Crew are intrinsic to the preservation of marine life.

It is important though to discuss some things that are not part of the OSV program:

  • This is not a Sea Shepherd Fan Club, although we are all, of course, fans of Sea Shepherd’s work. This means that if, after reading this description, you decide that you want to be an Onshore Volunteer Crew member, you must make the commitment to fulfill the role of Onshore Volunteer to the best of your ability.
  • This is not a social club, although, you will certainly have the opportunity to interact with other like-minded individuals and meet some amazing activists.
  • This is not a gateway to other types of involvement in the Sea Shepherd Movement. However, as it can be difficult to join some campaigns, getting to be known in the OSV program as a volunteer with integrity and dedication can make it easier to be selected for campaigns, since campaign coordinators can see how you contribute and work with others.
  • Sea Shepherd is a marine conservation organization and not an animal rights organization. OSVs come from all demographics and lifestyle choices. We welcome all views, but our message is of marine conservation. We do not tolerate discrimination, cliques or exclusion based on lifestyle, but encourage various types of people who are passionate about marine conservation to participate in our organization.


Onshore Volunteer Crew members do the work necessary to fund Sea Shepherd campaigns and make Sea Shepherd interactive for the general public. Our campaign leaders, our directors and other staff cannot be everywhere at once, so our OSVs help us bring Sea Shepherd’s message and history to as many corners of North America as we can. The OSVs arrange to participate in events, help to manage and transport our merchandise and informational materials, and interact with the public. Some people may not like to ask for money, but without funding and public awareness, Sea Shepherd cannot do the work that we do. We are wholly funded by donations, not corporate sponsors or political interest groups. Our vested interest is in the welfare and preservation of marine life. There is no other group or movement like Sea Shepherd and our OSVs must reflect that uniqueness with the effort that they put into our Onshore Crew program.

Here are just some of the things that Onshore Crew do:

  • Table at a local event, Expo, festival or creating your own tabling event
  • Hold a Benefit for Sea Shepherd at a local restaurant, pub or community meeting place
  • Hosting a concert for Sea Shepherd
  • Cultivate public awareness through distribution of SSCS materials and speaking publicly
  • Having a Sea Shepherd party at home for friends and family
  • Providing valuable skills like graphic design work, photography or donating art for auctions


There is no compensation for this effort. There is no payment for your time and efforts. The reward is in knowing that you are doing your part to defend, conserve, and protect our planet’s marine ecosystems and the life within.

If you want what we are offering, and are ready to go to any lengths to assist Sea Shepherd on shore, then fill out and Onshore Crew application and join us.

Application Process

There is a $30 non-refundable donation required for each applicant. Not only does this help cover the cost of processing your application, but if you are approved as an Onshore Volunteer, this will help cover the cost of the training, orientation, and perks we provide for you- like a complimentary Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger T-shirt that you can qualify for as a reward for your dedication and hard work.

To Apply:

1) Fill out the Volunteer Application completely

2) Physically sign application, agreements & waivers where indicated (digital signatures will not be accepted)

3) Provide a copy of a valid government-issued photo ID (passport, driver’s license or state ID card equivalent)

4) Accompany application with $30 donation, or provide proof of recent application donation (merchandise purchases, DAC memberships and donations older than 3 months will not qualify)

5) Send completed application packet back to US Headquarters by postal mail or e-mail (must scan and attach signed form and must provide proof of processed donation for scanned applications)

Mail to:
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
c/o Outreach Department
PO Box 2616
Friday Harbor, WA 98250 USA



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