Galapagos Field Report

October 2007

Sharkwater Documentary Has Positive Impact in Ecuador

On October 3, 2007, Sea Shepherd Galapagos & Ecuador hosted the first screening of the acclaimed Sharkwater documentary in the capital city of Quito, Ecuador. The screening took place in the symbolic theatre of Quito, Teatro Bolivar. Over 500 people attended, including government officials and members of various businesses and environmental groups. The expression on attendees' faces denoted great admiration for this fantastic production.

Sharkwater is the recipient of 19 international awards, including the People's Choice Award and the Grand Jury Award for Best Feature. Its producer, Rob Stewart, transmits via in this work of art the love he feels towards sharks, and at the same time successfully brings to the surface a very little known reality about the devastation and illegal trafficking of this species.

Immediately following the film, attendees were able to enjoy an art exhibition organized by the local children of the Andino School of Quito, in the Wonder Bar. The children expressed their feelings about sharks through their hands, creating a fusion between the surrounding environment displayed within the theatre and giving this night a wonderful atmosphere full of human expression towards our marine environment.

On this very night, Sea Shepherd was able to inscribe its very first members of Sea Shepherd Ecuador, having recently obtained the status of a legal nonprofit organization operating within the country. The citizens of Ecuador can now form part of our direct action network in the Galapagos and Ecuador.

Sharkwater will soon be released to theatres around the world. Sea Shepherd Ecuador expresses its gratitude to the national organizations and Ecuadorian citizens who assisted and made this event a wonderful experience. We celebrate this event in order to continue to work towards the preservation of the natural resources of the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and around the world.


Daniel, Michelle, Mario, Kathleen, Pablo and Hans

First official member of SS Ecuador


Francisco Morales, Andres Cordova, and Carlos Toban


Sharks given to first 149 members