Galapagos Field Report

July 3-14, 2006

Paul Watson being interviewed in the Galapagos Islands

From July 3rd through July 14th President and Founder of Sea Shepherd, Captain Paul Watson, was being interviewed by a French TV. Accompanied by the French TV film crew was Mathieu Mauvernay, Sea Shepherd France Representative, who helped organize this French documentary on Captain Paul Watson in the Galapagos Islands.

Sea Shepherd Galapagos Director of Operations, Sean O'Hearn-Gimenez, and Sea Shepherd France Director, Mathieu Mavernay, met with Captain Paul Watson to discuss future joint projects between Sea Shepherd France and Sea Shepherd Galapagos.

"We will not only be working to coordinate volunteers from France to the Galapagos but will work on joint efforts to provide assistance in conservation efforts from France towards the Galapagos Islands."
-Sean O'Hearn, Sea Shepherd Galapagos Director of Operations

Throughout these 2 weeks, the French TV film crew went diving with Captain Paul Watson on a chartered boat provided by Scuba Iguana. They were able to capture the incredible underwater world of the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

In addition, the French TV film crew interviewed Mario Piu, Head of the Galapagos National Park's Marine Resources Division, in order to get his thoughts on the current state of the Galapagos Marine Reserve and how Sea Shepherd has had a positive impact on the reduction of poaching over the last 5 years thanks in large part to the donation of the long range patrol vessel Sirenian.

The French TV film crew interviewed Captain Paul Watson at Mosqueras Point just South of Seymour Island. This sandy beach island is home to many seals that rule this area without any real fear of humans. Captain Paul Watson seemed at home during the filming of this interview.

"This is a unique time in history for the Galapagos and Sea Shepherds' permanent presence will help to ensure this magical place is protected." Said Captain Paul Watson.

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