Operation Ferocious Isles-Related News Postings and Editorials by Sea Shepherd

2013 Sep 25 - Sunday, Bloody Sunday

2013 Aug 29 - Clive Standen, Star of TV’s “VIKINGS,” Says “REAL Men Don’t Whale”

2013 Aug 28 - And the Bloodlust Continues in the Faroe Islands... (commentary)

2013 Aug 21 - Brutal Death and Suffering; Business as Usual in The Faroe Islands (commentary)

2011 Nov 23 - The Divine Wind That Spared 900 Pilot Whales in the Ferocious Isles (commentary)

2011 Aug 23 - A Not so Close Encounter with a Beach Foreman (commentary)

2011 Aug 08 - Because you Responded the Steve Irwin is Free (commentary)

2011 Aug 05 - Somber Recollections of the Pilot Whale Slaughter in Klaksvik (commentary)

2011 Aug 02 - Sea Shepherd's Flagship Vessel the Steve Irwin is Free at Last

2011 July 28 - The Last Whaling Station (commentary)

2011 July 21 - Sea Shepherd Investigates Secret Underwater Pilot Whale Graveyard

2011 July 20 - Two Faeroese Nationals join Sea Shepherd in Torshavn Harbour" in Denmark

2011 July 06 - Operation Ferocious Isles: Defending the Rights of Whales in the Faeroe Islands

2011 Apr 08 - The Slaughter has Begun in the Ferocious Isles

2010 Sept 30 - A Demonstration Against the "Rot" in Denmark

2010 Sept 13 - Faeroe Islands: The Graveyard of Shame(commentary)

2010 Aug 25 - Faeroe Islands: New Photos Show that Bloodbath in Leynar Claimed Four Pregnant Females

2010 Aug 20 - Early Warning System for the Whales: Sea Shepherd Deploys Acoustical Warning System for Whales in the Faeroe Islands

2010 Aug 18 - Death in the Ferocious Isles: Sea Shepherd under Escort by the Danish Navy

2010 July 30 - Sea Shepherd Undercover Operative Addresses the People of the Faeroe Islands(commentary)

2010 July 22 - The Faeroes and Mercury in Our Seafood (commentary)

2010 July 20 - Faeroe Islands: Sea Shepherd Undercover Operation Exposes Cetacean Mass Slaughter


Sea Shepherd's Brigitte Bardot on the way to the FaeroesSea Shepherd's Brigitte Bardot on the way to the Faeroes