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United States March 16, 2015 -- FOX 29 News - United States

FOX Star Works To Save Whales And Dolphins From Hunters

FOX Star Works To Save Whales And Dolphins From Hunters (video)  ... read more

United States September 26, 2013 -- Ecorazzi - United States

Sea Shepherd Unveils Largest Faroe Islands Campaign

You may be familiar with Sea Shepherd’s former campaigns opposing the drive hunts and mass slaughter of pilot whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands from Discovery’s “Whale Wars” spin-off “Viking Shores.” Now, the organization hasunveiled a new campaign that they say ... read more

United States August 30, 2013 -- Mother Nature Network - United States

'Vikings' star urges end to ritual whale slaughter

Clive Standen, best known for leading roles in the television dramas "Camelot" and "Vikings," is front and center for a new Sea Shepherd PSA spotlighting the horrors of the annual whale hunt in the Danish Faroe Islands.   “I may play a merciless Viking on TV but there’s no place for such barb ... read more

United States August 29, 2013 -- Ecorazzi - United States

Vikings Star Clive Standen Says ‘Real Men Don’t Whale’

In a new PSA for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Clive Standen – star of the History Channel’s epic series “Vikings” – urges an end to the horrific annual whale slaughter in the Danish Faroe Islands. “I may play a merciless Viking on TV but there’s no ... read more

United States September 6, 2011 -- Ecorazzi - United States

Sea Shepherd Marks Their ‘Little Green Holm’ Island as a Seal Sanctuary

After their summer campaign in the Faroe Islands to stop the slaughter of pilot whales, the Sea Shepherds made a stop to visit the seals that call their Little Holm Island home. According to commentary by Steve Irwin ship manager James Brook, Sea Shepherd purchased the island in 1985 when the seals ... read more

United States September 4, 2011 -- Huffington Post - United States

"Whale Murder" in the Faroe Islands: 100 Pilot Whales Slain for Cultural Tradition

It was with deep anguish that I received confirmation early Friday afternoon from Faroese police authorities that over 100 pilot whales have been brutally slaughtered in the town of Vestmanna in the Faroe Islands. These numbers have undoubtedly since risen as locals continued throughout the day to carve up these sentie ... read more

United Kingdom August 2, 2011 -- The Guardian - United Kingdom

Sea Shepherd ship released from Shetland port after £520,000 bond

The flagship for the environmental group Sea Shepherd was expected to set sail from Shetland on Wednesday morning after it paid £520,000 into court to secure its release. The Steve Irwin had been detained in Shetland more than two weeks ago after a Maltese company, Fish and Fish, raised an action for damages aga ... read more

United States July 31, 2011 -- Huffington Post - United States

Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter Sparks International Controversy

Torshavn, Faroe Islands -- Last week I had the opportunity to travel with a team of marine conservationists and film makers to screen the new documentary, Confessions of a Eco-Terrorist in the heart of the Faroese capitol of roughly 19,000 inhabitants. A segment of the film which showcases 30 years of Se ... read more


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