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Worldwide Day of Protest Against the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

Worldwide Day of Protest Against the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

October 8, 2005

Sea Shepherd staff and volunteers participated in Japan Dolphin Day, a worldwide protest against the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji on October 8, 2005, at Japanese embassies and consulates around the world.

Appreciation and kudos go out to all of the volunteers and other organizations who took part in this important day. Part of the battle in ending this horrible slaughter is to shine the international spotlight of shame on Japan, thereby forcing them to end the slaughter of marine mammals in Taiji. Thank you for your generosity of time and efforts, and for your abundant care for dolphins and small whales.

Photographs and additional reports will be added as they become available.
Please check back again soon.


Buenos Aires

With the mass media presence, activists talked to passers by about of the abuse in Japan. After the act was ended, Director of AnimaNaturalis-Argentina, Verónica Cerrato has given a letter to the Minister inside the Embassy and she was able to engage in a short dialog with him.


Australian Capital Territory

The Protest in the Australian Capital took place outside the Japanese Embassy with more than 20 Sea Shepherd supporters present, including children dressed as whales. Before the protest, the protest leader, Michele Warner was able to publicize the plight of the whales with a press release and a radio interview. Everyone who came by the protest wanted to sign the petition.



We met at St. Stephens and marched through the city of Vienna to the Japanese embassy, handed out flyers and brochures, talked to people and collected signatures. Several Austrian organizations supported the protest and opposed the kill of tens of thousands of dolphins.

When we arrived at the embassy Mr. Urano and a security guy took pictures, so we in return took some too! Mr. Urano was anything else than pleased to see us and asked why we came and why we didn't leave. We told him that we'll only quit if Japan stops and permanently ends the slaughter of dolphins and whales. He came on with arguments of tradition and that Europeans eat meat. We answered that we do not eat meat and that cruel traditions have to be ended. Tradition is just an excuse. Humans always dropped, adapted and exchanged so many traditions - otherwise we would still all dwell in stone age culture!

He said that the ambassador maybe could answer our arguments and we should go to Japan to learn about Japanese tradition. We answered that Japan first needs to end the kill, then we'd come to visit. The police then allowed our protest to continue on the sidewalk opposite the embassy and Mr. Urano obviously had to wait till our protest ended.


Vancouver - Steve Thompson

Taiji Protest Report from Vancouver, Canada - Friday October 7th 2005

First off I'd like to express my sincere thanks to all those who attended this worthwhile event.

This report follows a successful protest consisting of approximately 20+ Sea Shepherd supporters outside the Japanese Consulate in Vancouver. Each person present, which included many familiar faces, I can say without reservation is deeply affected by the horrific cruelty that is Taiji's annual dolphin drive.

This year we were joined by the Dolphin Coalition, a concerned group of local animal rights activists who produced a re-creation of a dolphin drive involving people dressed up as dolphins.

Lauchlan a senior citizen in his 80's from Surrey whom I met for the first time last year joined us again. This veteran Animal Rights Crusader had a long way to travel to join us. I asked Lauchlan why Taiji was so important to him and in response he had these fine words to say:

"To me all life is precious. I consider dolphins to be the Angels of the sea, they are highly intelligent, very social and gentle and they do no harm to people. These same dolphins are slaughtered by the tens of thousands each year in the most barbaric manner imaginable and it is my eternal wish that this carnage be stopped once and for all."

Another familiar face at this event was a lady named Ericka who I met for the first time earlier this year at the Sea Shepherd Seal Slaughter protest. This time she brought with her her young daughter Sophia. This dynamic duo - Mother and Daughter team stood hand in hand, often Sophia was seen carrying a protest sign that was almost as tall as her.

The response from the public was very encouraging, not one person that I came across, once they were presented with the facts, stood in support of the Japanese dolphin killers. As a result of this the number of people who signed our petition and walked away with literature was even greater than last year.


Budapest - Veronika Kristof

Sea Shepherd Veronika Kristof led the protest outside the Japanese Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. According to embassy staff, because the protest was on a weekend, the protesters were not permitted to enter the Embassy building. However, Veronika did make an appointment with the Embassy's representative and is pictured here handing over the petition and explaining to the representative why the slaughter of cetaceans should not be permitted.



Atlanta - Laura Mungavin (Georgia Animal Rights and Protection)

Although we only had 7 people come out to the demo we handed out about 200 leaflets! I also have a number of people working on collecting signatures for the petitions and I am organizing a group to go with me in November to meet with the Japanese Consulate here in Atlanta to discuss our concerns. Check back soon for a date and time for this meeting.

Boston - Helen & Steve (founders, MARC, The Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition)

What a fantastic day Saturday was! At noon, 25-28 dolphin defenders braved hurricane Tammy in Boston at the Japanese Consulate, joining activists all over the globe to protest the brutal, annual dolphin slaughter.

A few Earth Island Institute and Sea Shepherd Conservation activists, including Captain Ron Canning, dolphin expert, joined MARC activists to protest.

Although the cynical, apathetic Boston media ignored the event as usual, one of the people on our media list actually joined us as a protester! And a packet will be hand delivered to the Japanese Consulate on Tuesday that includes footage of the slaughter and other pertinent materials. We have also begun a letter writing/phone calling campaign with our group.

One police officer showed up to check things out and told us he loved dolphins and wished us good luck and success!! We even managed to leaflet about 1500 copies of our flier which gave people ways to take action to stop this atrocity.

Altogether, a great, albeit wet and windy, day!!

Chicago - Shawn Greene and Katrin Asbury

It was an unusually cold day in Chicago, but enthusiastic protesters showed up at 737 N. Michigan, the building that housed the Japanese consulate. We were armed with large color posters showing the dolphin carnage that goes on in Taiga, Japan, as well as petitions, Sea Shepherd's literature and small homemade handouts which concisely explained why we were protesting the slaughter.

The Japanese consulate wasn't open on Saturday, so we weren't able to address our anger to the consulate directly and instead focused on disseminating information about the slaughter and getting signatures on petitions. The consulate is situated right in the middle of the busiest shopping district in the city, so thousands of shoppers were confronted with large images of dolphins being murdered. We used a bullhorn to broadcast information about the slaughter to shoppers throughout the area. We arranged ourselves on both sides of the wide sidewalk, with the petition holders toward the center of the line, so that as pedestrians moved in both directions through the protest they would be approached by several protesters in a row who familiarized them with the issue and handed them literature.

By the time the pedestrians reached the petition holders, many were ready to sign. Unfortunately, many shoppers were "too busy" to stop, though most of them at least left the protest with literature informing them about the slaughter. Very few of the people we approached had known previously that dolphins were being killed on purpose for meat and as "pests". We were happy to be part of an international movement to end the horrible and pointless slaughter of the intelligent and sensitive dolphins. We'll keep it up until the carnage ends!

Los Angeles - Ian Robichaud

Summary: 15-20 activists showed; 173 signatures signed, lots of brochures and info handed out.

The entire embassy building was closed and the only people standing around were 2 guys in uniform. (Turns out, one of them was with the "state" department and the other a cop.) They had been warned of us.

I walked up to them and they kind of looked at me with an attitude. Like, who are you? After I told them I was here to protest for the dolphins, they asked me a bunch of questions and told me where I could and couldn't protest.

It ended up being a really good day because there just happened to be a big concert/art street fair next door and we had a good flow of people to talk to.

New York - Taffy Lee Williams (New York Whale and Dolphin Action League)

Standing in a constant wet rain from the remnants of the latest tropical storm, and despite threats of bombs in baby strollers in the NYC subways, NEW YORK STOOD FIRM FOR DOLPHINS with a GREAT SHOW of support to SHUT DOWN THE DRIVE FISHERIES.

The NYPD accommodated us with a barricaded area on Park Ave. in front of the Japanese Consulate building. Wet protesters chanted loudly, 3 bullhorns strong, while a large blow-up dolphin hung upside down, imitating the treachery of the Taiji video. Bill Rossiter wore one of Ben White's dolphin suits from the Cancun WTO meetings and passers-by on the streets and in cars responded positively.

Considering the rain and terror threat that came with a psychological effect that made people uncomfortable, having approximately 40 people was simply amazing! Most of the groups sent a few representatives, and lots of flyers were given out.

There was a heavy police presence in transit hubs in NYC which probably explains why only one police officer stood with us during the event; this also explains the difficulty getting that permit in hand yesterday.

Waking up this morning I thought, we have rain, we have a bomb threat, and we will have no one at this event. How wrong I was! thank god MANY THANKS TO ALL WHO JOINED US UNDER THESE CONDITIONS, and the spirit you brought with you!

Seattle - Connie Domenech (Sea Shepherd)

Seattle had a great turnout of about 45 protesters. Protesters from Sea Shepherd, Orca Network and other organizations gathered at 6th and Union. Most held signs, including some young children with signs they designed. We lined the street and the 4 corners of the intersection and passed out information to passing motorists and pedestrians. All 3 of the local news stations covered the protest and included coverage on the evening news. Many activists brought red carnations and roses to symbolize the blood of the dolphins. A makeshift memorial was created to display these flowers. Even the Seattle police were supportive of us, one of them remarked to Allison Lance Watson, "Keep up the good work!"

Thank you to all the dedicated activists who helped make this protest a success!


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