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Worldwide Day of Protest Against the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

Worldwide Day of Protest Against the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

September 20, 2006

Sea Shepherd staff and volunteers participated in Japan Dolphin Day, a worldwide protest against the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji on September 20, 2006, at Japanese embassies and consulates around the world.

Appreciation and kudos go out to all of the volunteers and other organizations who took part in this important day. Part of the battle in ending this horrible slaughter is to shine the international spotlight of shame on Japan, thereby forcing them to end the slaughter of marine mammals in Taiji. Thank you for your generosity of time and efforts, and for your abundant care for dolphins and small whales.



Melbourne - Laura Dakin, Crewmember/Cook on the Farley Mowat

Melbourne Photos by Michael Williams

Crewmember Hester Bartels

Today we gave a voice to the 20,000 dolphins, porpoises, and small whales brutally slaughtered in Japan every year.

Members of the public and Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) joined with Sea Shepherd crew today as we gathered on the steps outside the Japanese Consulate in Melbourne, Australia. We dressed in white jumpsuits spattered in blood, with red tape across our mouths. We held a silent protest to illustrate the atrocity of hacking to death thousands of defenseless, gentle sea creatures. No sound was made aside from the signing of a huge petition in the form of the Japanese flag. Media from News Corporation and AAP were present, along with a freelance wildlife photographer and photographers from the ALV.

Melbourne supporter Sharon Williams

We passed out hundreds of information sheets to a responsive and interested public educating them about the details of such an unnecessary, brutal slaughter, and asking them to write a letter of disapproval to the Japanese embassy in Canberra, Australia.

We approached the police officers blocking the door and asked if we could be escorted to the office to hand over our petition. The Japanese consulate refused to accept our petition and even refused our request that it be delivered by a police officer. We wondered what they were hiding from. Perhaps they are beginning to worry.

Report by Laura Dakin, Crewmember/Cook on the Farley Mowat

top left: Crewmembers Laura and Dan Vila (on crew shirts) with other activists.
bottom left: Crewmember Hester Bartels trying to hand a petition to the Japanese
embassy office on Melbourne right: Crewmember Gemma Koyd



Seattle - Nancy Morris

In spite of an unrelenting downpour on Japan Dolphin Day, 35 people gathered in front of the Japanese Consulate in downtown Seattle, WA, joining activists in 23 other cities over the globe to protest the brutal, annual dolphin drive hunt and slaughter. Holding rain-soaked protest signs and leaflets, activists from Orca Network, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, including Sea Shepherd's Captain Alex Cornelissen* of the ship Farley Mowat, dolphin scientist Dr. Toni Frohoff, nature writer Brenda Peterson, and others. The protestors clearly sent the message that they will continue to protest the horrific slaughter of over 20,000 beautiful self-aware mammals until the Japanese government stops this crime against nature.

One security officer kept an eye on us, along with a police car parked at the curb. Two members of Orca Network attempted to deliver red flowers and a dolphin balloon to the Consul General's office. Police officers followed them inside where the Orca Network members were told they couldn't leave anything in the building. At the end of the protest, the security officer said, he was with us; it was just his job. He let us leave all the red flowers at the edge of the sidewalk by the consulate building. One member of the protest handed him a leaflet, which he said he would read.

It would be wonderful if we never have to protest the brutal destruction of a sentient species again. Sometimes there are miracles!

Nancy Morris, Volunteer

*Alex Cornelissen was a special guest at the protest because in October of 2003 he and another Sea Shepherd volunteer, Allison Lance Watson, put their lives on the line to save the dolphins of Taiji. He and Allison dove into the water to cut the nets that penned the dolphins into a cove, keeping them captive to be killed the next morning. Fifteen dolphins escaped but Alex and Allison were arrested and spent a month in a Japanese jail. Alex continues to dedicate his life to saving ocean wildlife and will captain the Farley Mowat to the waters of Antarctica this winter to save endangered whales from the Japanese harpoons.


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