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Worldfest 2005

Worldfest 2005

Van Nuys, CA
April 17, 2005

After taking a year off, WorldFest was held this year in Van Nuys, and was better than ever. I have been tabling for Sea Shepherd since 1994 and this was absolutely THE best event we have been a part of. Not only was it well attended, but our booth was surrounded all day by people wanting to know more about the atrocities that are happening to marine animals and what they can do about it. We were able to show video footage of our latest Seal Campaign and at times there were a dozen people watching it in horror. Thanks to Tim Midgley and Scott Sheckman for organizing the wonderfully displayed booth! Also in attendance, and just returned from the Canadian seal hunt, were Dr. Jerry Vlasak, Ian Robichaud, and Colin Biroc, who relayed their experiences to all who asked.

It was a great day, filled with vegan food, good music, impassioned speakers, and so many compassionate people that I went home saying to myself "maybe we CAN stop the slaughter of baby seals".

Thank you Kristine Vasic (who's husband Jonny is still onboard the Farley Mowat) and all the folks that made Worldfest happen. Let's do it again in 2006!

Kurt Lieber


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