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Malmö, Sweden
June 1, 2006

Sea Shepherd Ships' Liaison and former 2nd Mate of the R/V Farley Mowat Peter Hammarstedt was invited to lecture at the Malmö Animal Rights Activists monthly vegan café on the June 1, 2006 in Malmö, Sweden. "Pirate" was the theme of the event where "ocean-inspired" vegan food dominated the menu. Video footage from the seal slaughter and the illegal whale "hunt" in Antarctica were shown to a shocked public who were eager to find out more about ways that they can help. All were encouraged to become active members, helping Sea Shepherd obtaining a faster vessel to return to Antarctica by the end of the year. Many seemed keen on joining the volunteer crew of the Sea Shepherd vessels. The event was the most well-attended lecture of the season.

Sea Shepherd was last in Malmö in 1986 at the IWC annual conference where the M/V Sea Shepherd II was being prepared for its campaign against the Faeroes pilot whale slaughter. The campaign resulted in no pilot whales being killed under the Sea Shepherd's watchful eye and led to the production of the award-winning BBC documentary Black Harvest.

Peter would like to thank all of the people who took the evening to learn more about the plight of our oceans. A special thanks goes to Malmö Animal Rights Activists for inviting him to speak and for providing the gourmet vegan sushi!


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