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Training of NGOs and Environment Agencies in Brazil

Training of NGOs and Environment Agencies in Brazil

May 15 - 16, 2008

Sea Shepherd aids in training of NGOs and environmental agencies in the Right Whale Environmental Protection Area in southern Brazil

On May 15th and 16th, Sea Shepherd Brazil aided other members of the Right Whale Protection Area in southern Brazil to learn the methods and protocols required in the case of marine mammal strandings in the region. Since 2006 Sea Shepherd Brazil has been a part of the Administrative Council of the Right Whale Environmental Protection Area, whose objective is to support IBAMA and other government agencies in implementing policies that will ensure the continued protection of the southern right whale. The training took place in Garopaba, Santa Catarina and it was an initiative of the NGOs Projeto Baleia Franca, Gaia Foundation, Sea Shepherd Brazil and R3 Animal.

Southern right whales count with Sea Shepherd's close watch since 2006

"In emergency situations which involve marine mammals and people around them, as in the case of a marine mammal stranding, it is necessary for a great number of people to be able to cooperate. Therefore it becomes indispensable that everyone knows with certainty each of the roles to be played out," says biologist and Sea Shepherd Brazil's Technical Advisor Sandra Severo.

Also participating in the training was the Environmental Police, the Secretary of the Environment of five municipalities inside the Right Whale Environmental Protection Area and the Port Captain of Santa Catarina as well as two federal universities from the state.

"The objective is to promote solid communication and cooperation among all the institutions acting in an emergency situation so that as many lives as possible can be saved during a stranding situation," reinforced Daniel Vairo, Sea Shepherd Brazil's director.

Emergency Kits

The participating organizations defined that a Stranding Kit will be produced, which will include all the materials necessary for an effective and safe first response in those circumstances. The equipment will be stored at the Right Whale Environmental Protection Area headquarters in Imbituba, SC.

Members of the Military Brigade's Environmental Police Force participated in the training

The Right Whale Environmental Protection Area
The municipal district of Imbituba and other points in the area were established as shelter for whaling boats in the start of the 17th century.

In spite of the last right whale having been killed officially in 1973, the Japanese continued their commercial hunt in Paraíba until 1985. On June 5th, 1995 (World Environmental Day) Santa Catarina's Government listening to a request from the Projeto Baleia Franca declared the species as the natural monument of the State. In 2000, an area of 130 Km of coastline, which extends from Florianópolis to Araranguá, in Santa Catarina was declared the Right Whale Environmental Protection Area by the federal government. Sea Shepherd Brazil since 2006 is part of Administrative Council of the Right Whale Environmental Protection Area.


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