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The Red Paintings Benefit Concert

The Red Paintings Benefit Concert

November 21, 2008

Approximately 700 people turned up to support Sea Shepherd at the Benefit Concert put on by Trash McSweeney and The Red Paintings on November 21st, 2008 at The Arena in Brisbane.  The band donated their time and worked tirelessly to promote the show with a grassroots marketing campaign noticed all over Brisbane leading up to the event.

Promotion included billboard posters, flyers, ads in mags and local street press including MX, Courier Mail, Rave Mag, Time off Mag, Tsunami Mag, an interview and mention on Triple J (Rosie beaton show), and a 4zzz interview and mention of show with Sea Shepherd crew members.  The Red Paintings MySpace campaign promoted the show to over 35,000 friends.

Volunteers with masks featuring the Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger logo patrolled the crowd seeking donations for funds to help cover the Operation Musashi campaign.  The attendees generously donated while enjoying the good music including a set from Aboriginal musician Bunna Lawrie and finally the passionate and artistic performance by The Red Paintings to end the night.  Captain Watson was invited on stage to say a few words on the imminent departure of the Steve Irwin to defend whales in the Southern Ocean and he surprised Trash by presenting him with a medal of honor for putting on a benefit concert to support the work of the Sea Shepherds! Sea Shepherd wishes to thank The Red Paintings and Trash McSweeney, Michael Dalton, Jeff Hansen, and the rest of the Brisbane volunteers for putting the event together for the benefit of Sea Shepherd and the whales.






Photos Credit: Susan Weingartner


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