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Strength of Many Conference

Strength of Many Conference

Los Angeles, CA
October 6 - 8, 2006

Sea Shepherd attended the 21st Annual International Compassionate Living Festival, titled this year the "Strength of Many," from October 6th through 8th in Los Angeles. This year's theme was a call to action for individuals and organizations to explore opportunities for cooperative action both within and beyond the animal advocacy movement.

The event was co-produced by Kim Stallwood, of the Animals and Society Institute, and Tom Regan, Sea Shepherd Advisory Board Member and president of the Culture and Animals Foundation.

On Friday night, we were entertained by vegan, animal rights activist, artist, and creator of the syndicated comic strip Bizarro, Dan Piraro. His presentations, including many of his animal rights cartoons, are always entertaining and biting, but also serious and profound. Dan gave Sea Shepherd an encouraging "shout out" during his presentation.

The keynote address on Saturday, given by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of When Elephants Weep and Dogs Never Lie About Love (among others), was insightful and very personal. His discussion about the emotional lives of animals and the uniqueness of the human-animal bond, using examples from his own life, were thought provoking and moving.

Kim Stallwood's and Tom Regan's closing day presentations were captivating and compelling - encouraging people to take action and work cooperatively. Kim discussed his personal experience working on research and education in the field of public policy in regards to animal rights. They were both hopeful and inspiring. Kim and Tom are leaders in the field of improving the ways in which animals are treated and elevating their standing and status in human society.

Our friend and former crewmember Dana Lyons ( provided the entertainment for the weekend. His song Cows with Guns was a conference highlight - especially when it came to the audience sing-along.

Our outreach table in the exhibit room was ably staffed by our International Director Jonny Vasic, our Development Director Michael Moore, our Southern California Volunteer Coordinator Colin Biroc, and superstar volunteer Anna Mercken. We were thrilled with the welcome we received and honored to share Sea Shepherd's innovative work in addressing the issues facing our oceans today. There was a plethora of organizations in the exhibit hall representing animal rights and animal welfare groups from around the world. It was wonderful to network with our friends at Animal Acres, In Defense of Animals, The Animals Voice, and so many more.

Our thanks to Jill Howard Church and the team at the Animals Society Institute for organizing this event. Our thanks also to all who were able to attend and to those who came out to support Sea Shepherd!

Michael Moore and Anna Mercken

Michael Moore (l) and Jonny Vasic (r) with a friend


Dana Lyons, onny Vasic, Michael Moore,
and Anna Mercken

Sea Shepherd information table


Jonny Vasic, Michael Moore, and Colin Biroc


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