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Sharkwater Premiere

Sharkwater Premiere

Victoria, BC, Canada
March 14, 2007

Several members of the Sea Shepherd office staff were invited to attend a special screening by Alliance Atlantis of Rob Stewart's documentary Sharkwater on March 14, 2007, at the Odeon Movie Theater in Victoria , British Columbia . Stewart was a former crewmember with Sea Shepherd during a longlining campaign to Costa Rica and the Galapagos. The documentary is a result of his adventures on the Farley Mowat with Captain Paul Watson and his passion for the beauty and ecological importance of sharks.

The film was fully attended and Stewart's representation of Sea Shepherd in the film elicited cheers and applause from the audience as Captain Watson confronted the authorities and illegal fishing operations in Guatemala and Costa Rica . Afterwards, Captain Watson participated in a half hour Question and Answer session with Stewart.

When asked by an audience member what Captain Watson thought the impoverished fishermen should do to feed their families instead of illegally finning sharks, he responded, "The same thing I would expect of an elephant poacher or a bank robber: Get a job and end their criminal activity."

fterwards, Livity Outernational, an eco-friendly clothing company in Victoria , sponsored a Sharkwater party at the Red Jacket nightclub. Sea Shepherd hosted an information table and talked to supporters at the reggae-themed party. All money raised from door sales has been graciously donated to Sea Shepherd to support their continuing actions on behalf of marine animals and habitats.

Amy Baird, Outreach Coordinator


Paul Watson and Rob Stewart in front of
Sharkwater poster

Paul signs his autograph for Sharkwater fans

Sea Shepherd International Director Jonny Vasic
being intervied by the media at the party

Livity Outernational poses with
Rob and Paul in their new Livity hats

Paul and Rob answer audience member
questions following the screening

Sea Shepherd Outreach Coordinator Amy Baird
distributes information as audience members
leave the screening

Sea Shepherd staff poses with Rob at the party

Sea Shepherd Development Director Michael Moore
talks to a supporter after the screening

Michael and Amy talk to supporters at the party


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