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Sea Shepherd Sends Petition to Ibama in Brazil

Sea Shepherd Sends Petition to Ibama in Brazil

June 5, 2008

Sea Shepherd sends petition with four thousand signatures against the illegal slaughter of dolphins in Brazil

Sea Shepherd Brazil presses Federal Judge by adding the petition to its civil action suit against the massacre of dolphins in Amapá

World Environmental Day, Sea Shepherd Brazil volunteers walked into the Ibama's office to deliver a petition signed by volunteers of 40 different countries around the world. The objective of the action was to remind the government of the incident that occurred last year in Amapá, where 83 dolphins were mutilated before an Ibama agent's video camera. Ibama hasn't to this date taken any legal measures against the perpetrators and are calling it an accidental catch.

Sea Shepherd Brazil take a 4.000 signature petition to Ibama

The Sea Shepherd volunteer Aline Holt, began circulating the petition last year after receiving news of the massacre. Since then the petition has travelled through over 40 countries, before returning to Brazil. The manifesto counts with the signatures from people of all walks of life including aeronauts, ballerinas, hair-dressers, surgeons, unemployed, metallurgists, lawyers, zoologists among others.

Signatures from 40 different countries

"We have signatures from 40 different countries, some very distant ones like Bahrain, Dubai and Thailand. We also counted with supporters from Japan, Taiwan, USA, Europe, South America and Mexico," said Daniel Vairo, general director for Sea Shepherd Brasil.

Last week, during the 5th National Environmental Convention in Minas Gerais, Sea Shepherd Brazil volunteers set up an information booth to raise awareness to the cause. Marcella Costa, a veterinary student, and her mother Marilze Costa for three days straight passed the petition around to convention participants. On the last day, they attended a lecture presented by Brazil's first naturalist showman, Richard Rasmussen, host of the channel nine wildlife program "Wild to the Extreme" who also signed the petition.

"Richard read the entire petition, signed it, then he picked up the microphone and asked everyone in the convention to go to Sea Shepherd's booth and sign the petition," said the volunteer Marilze Costa.

"We are adding the petition to our civil action suit with the Federal Justice of Amapá. With this we want to demonstrate that not only Brazil, but the entire world doesn't tolerate the massacre of dolphins," said Cristiano Pacheco, legal coordinator for Sea Shepherd Brasil.

Sea Shepherd Brasil would like to leave here its special thanks to all volunteers that actively support this important and noble cause.


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