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Sea Shepherd NYC Beach Clean Up at Coney Island

Sea Shepherd NYC Beach Clean Up at Coney Island

Brooklyn, NY
June 1, 2014

Twenty ocean conservation activists joined Sea Shepherd NYC for our first beach clean up of 2014.  We selected Coney Island, Brooklyn, one of the dirtiest of NYC's beaches.  In two hours, volunteers found everything from part of a fence to dozens of glass and plastic bottles to hundreds of plastic straws and too many cigarette butts to count.  As we spread out the trash on the boardwalk to document, people stopped to see what we had collected.  This gave us the opportunity to speak to them regarding the trash filling the oceans and killing marine wildlife.  We plan to have at least one beach clean up each month for the next few months so please visit us at to find out more and get involved.

Reported by Ethan Wolf


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