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Sea No Evil Art Benefit 2007

Sea No Evil Art Benefit 2007

Los Angeles, CA
June 16, 2007

Paul Watson was the featured speaker for the unique Art Show Benefit called "Sea No Evil" where 100% of the funds raised benefited Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Notable artists such as Shepherd Fairey, Glen E. Friedman, Freddi C, Madsteez, Caia Koopman, Lola, Jeff Soto, Joe Sorren, Peggy Oki, Maxx242, Deph, 33, to name a few, donated artwork to be sold at the show.

The Sea No Evil Art Show Benefit was a huge success thanks to all the artists, sponsors and volunteers that made the show happen.

Approximately 700 people came the night of the show and enjoyed free Veggie Burgers courtesy of PK BBQ, while sipping on the Vitamin Water, Imperial Beer or Red Bull and Vodka; who each supported the show respectfully.

Approximately 300 people stayed to hear Paul Watson speak about the plight of the world's oceans and how Sea Shepherd is making a difference on the high seas. This was the passion behind this event and shortly after Paul spoke 90% of the artwork sold to the highest bidder raising close to $28,000.

A special thank you to the donating artists: Madsteez, Peggy Oki, Lola, Dani Cabrera, Fabian Iezzi, and Priscilla Iezzi. Each one donated their artwork and took time from their busy schedules to support the event in person.

To Die For brought all the equipment needed to silk screen t-shirts made uniquely for the Sea No Evil Art Show. People gathered around to watch them make each shirt to order with the custom designed logo made for the Sea No Evil Benefit.

To Die For donated 100% of the profits to the show; contributing their time and materials to help raise money for Sea Shepherd.

Stay posted for more information on next year's show.
Our hope is to make this an annual fundraiser for the benefit of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

--Erin and Derric Swinfard




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