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Rip Curl Pro Surf Competition

Rip Curl Pro Surf Competition

Bells Beach, Australia
April 7 - 8, 2007

By Jonny Vasic

Sea Shepherd attended the Rip Curl Pro Surf Competition at Bells Beach this past Easter weekend. Captain Paul Watson, Captain Alex Cornellessen, and International Director Jonny Vasic teamed up with Sea Shepherd's Tourquey Coordinator Jason Ruttely and supporter Steve Perry to meet with members of the surf community.

We had a fantastic weekend enjoying the beautiful beaches and meeting many people who have similar interests in protecting the marine environment from destruction. Many surfers have a unique appreciation of the ocean because of how much time they spend in the water.

Sea Shepherd has been pursuing many projects with the surf community. We look forward to opening up ocean conservation to a whole new group of people that enjoy the water everyday and may not be aware of just how fragile of an ecosystem the ocean is.

This weekend, we met many surfers and professionals from the surf world. They were impressed with the great work that Sea Shepherd has been doing to protect ocean wildlife.


Paul Watson

Reggie Ellis interviews Paul Watson


Layne Beechly and Paul Watson

Joel Parkinson, Paul Watson

Jason Ruttley

Paul Watson and Troy Brooks at the Bells Ball

Tom Curren, Paul Watson, Tom Carroll

Alex Cornelissen, Jessie Myer Dwyer and Paul Watson

Jonny Vasic, Paul Watson, Occy, Alex Cornelissen, Jack Perry


Paul Watson, Jason Ruttley, and Alex Cornelissen

Nat Young and Paul Watson


Stephanie Gilmore, Paul Watson, Mick Fanning

Matt Hoy, Paul Watson, Occy



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