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No Fin, No Future

No Fin, No Future

Tokyo, Japan
July 30, 2009

This summer, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was given a rare opportunity to engage members of the Japanese public on the issue of shark conservation at an event hosted by Japanese NGO, PangeaSeed. The event, which was aptly named “No Fin, No Future,” was truly an evening to remember, featuring original art and photography donated by a global collective of talented artists such as Dave Kinsey, Mr. Brainwash, Josh Keyes, Brad Klausen, Zomic, and many more, including Sea Shepherd’s own Advisory Board member Eric Cheng.

The evening opened with a stunning improvisational guitar performance by Sebastian Roberts, which accompanied a duo of fabulous interpretive dancers. At the same time, Yoh Nagao, Nao Harada, and Natsuki Wakita were also creating live paintings. Afterwards, guests were treated to a screening of the award-winning documentary, Sharkwater. Sea Shepherd’s Associate Director, Alex S. Earl, who spoke about Sea Shepherd’s history of nonviolent direct action law enforcement on the high seas, introduced the film.

Next on the agenda, Sea Shepherd’s Director of Shark Conservation and co-founder of the Shark Angels alliance, Kim McCoy, discussed her experiences working with sharks, including conservation, education, and enforcement. She shared underwater footage of swimming and interacting with large sharks from around the world, and conducted an Q&A session.

Not only was this event a wonderful opportunity to educate the Japanese public about the global plight of sharks, but it also provided a platform for honest discussions on other conservation issues, such as the annual whale and dolphin slaughter perpetrated by the Japanese government. Surprisingly, these issues are not well known amongst most Japanese citizens, and they sent shivers of disbelief down the spines of many in attendance at the event.

Sea Shepherd supports the efforts of PangeaSeed and it would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to event organizers Tre and Mayumi, interpreter Asumi, and the team of volunteers and artists who donated countless hours of time, energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to an event that will hopefully mark the beginning of a new era of shark conservation in the country of Japan.




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