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London Vegan Festival

London Vegan Festival

London, The United Kingdom
August 19, 2007

It was a positive event for Sea Shepherd on August 19th.   The UK volunteers helped to create an eye-catching display of information boards and pirate flags designed by veteran crewmember Graham Cantelow, attracting many of the people attending the festival to come and have a chat.

Most of the visitors to the stall were attracted by the fashionable Jolly Roger logo and the main Sea Shepherd Banner which states how long we have been out in the oceans protecting Whales, Seals, Dolphins, Sharks, Albatross and so many of the species that need our enforcement against those who would quite happily wipe them off the face of the planet.

Several people enquired about joining our volunteer crew.   We were lucky to have the experience of three veteran crewmembers to give advice and information.

London campaigner Gaye Smith donated some of her personal jewelry, which boosted our takings and helped us talk to people who might have passed us by. Veteran crewmember Joan Court also assisted with the stall.

We sold much of our merchandise. Overall it was a very successful event and has set a benchmark for future campaign stalls for Sea Shepherd UK .

Darren Collis, UK coordinator


Darren Collis, Joan Court, and Gaye Smith



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