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London Hostage Release Demonstration

London Hostage Release Demonstration

London, The United Kingdom
January 16, 2008

Family Of Anti-Whaling Hostage Giles Lane Denied Audience At Japanese Embassy

Today, around fifty of anti-whaling hostage Giles Lane's family and friends gathered at the Japanese embassy in London to demand his immediate and unconditional release, along with that of fellow hostage and Sea Shepherd crewmember Benjamin Potts. the Japanese whaling vessel Yushin Maru No.2 more than thirty-six hours after their detention yesterday morning. Giles and Ben are volunteers aboard the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's ship Steve Irwin, which has been actively stopping the illegal whaling in Antarctic waters. Today, both Giles' partner and his cousin attempted to speak to someone from the embassy, but were told they could only make an appointment, which would take three to seven days.

"We just want to hear that Giles is being well treated and that his release is imminent. The lack of response from the Japanese embassy is very distressing," said Jen Parker, Giles Lane's partner. "We urge all Giles' supporters to increase the pressure on the Japanese authorities to ensure his and Ben's release."



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