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GreenFest Philly

GreenFest Philly

Philadelphia, PA
September 12, 2010

GreenFest Philly is an annual green festival that takes place in Philadelphia, PA in an outside market type of venue. The purpose of the event is to showcase Philadelphia area green businesses, organizations and vendors.

While an attendance of 20,000 was expected based on prior years, it rained throughout the day, and affected the attendance. However, even with the rain, Sea Shepherd Philadelphia saw around 3,000 people at the event according to the organizers of GreenFest. Of that 3,000, we estimate that approximately 300 visited our table.

The results were great in spite of the rain. Sea Shepherd Philadelphia sold several pieces of merchandise, took in donations and added many people to the Guest Log for E-News. Most importantly, we had the opportunity to talk with many people in our area who weren’t familiar with SSCS. We feel that the area of outreach was our strongest on this day.

Our volunteers are SSCS supporters from the Philadelphia area. Those who worked at GreenFest are Kevin Starbard, Brittany Brubaker, Jason Burzynski, Angela Christman, Jim Farry, Katie Farry, Tyler Kruszewski, Tim Quick, Gina Raffa, Linda Vecere, Tom Vecere and Tina Wiecek. These people were exceptionally devoted, passionate and worked hard to promote Sea Shepherd’s work and gain donations.

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