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Genesis Awards

Genesis Awards

Beverly Hills, CA
March 24, 2007

The HSUS Hollywood Office hosted the annual Genesis Awards event to pay tribute to the major news and entertainment media around the world for producing outstanding works which raise public understanding of animal issues. For the very first time, the contenders for recognition were so abundant that each of the 18 categories began with a field of nominees.

Sea Shepherd was pleased to attend the event with Genesis award winner Bart Smithers of BFT productions for his show on 50/50 South Africa entitled Hunter Becomes Hunted along with his producer; Genesis Commendation recipient Peter Heller for his dramatic story in the National Geographic Adventure magazine of May 2006 called Whale Warriors - to be released as a book this fall; International Director Jonny Vasic ; Office, Events, and Media Manager Kristine Vasic; Administrative Director Carla Robinson; Development Director Michael Moore; Board Member Kurt Lieber; Chris Aultman (helicopter pilot and new Sea Shepherd Campaign Coordinator); Craig Stone of Endeavor Media; and Captain Paul Watson .

  • It was a wonderful evening at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, hosted by James Cromwell, with talented individuals representing media outlets from around the world in attendance. Highlights included:
  • HSUS President and CEO Wayne Pacelle giving an impassioned speech describing the state of animal rights and recognizing the influence and impact that media can have on the publics perception of animals.
  • Recognition of Gretchen Wyler, founder of the Genesis Awards, with an award established in her name to recognize a notable personality who furthers the cause of a humane world. The first recipient of the award was Sir Paul McCartney, long time vegetarian, and supporter of many animal rights and welfare issues worldwide including his condemnation of the Canadian harp seal slaughter.
  • A video greeting from renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, who joined with the HSUS in announcing that he would no longer serve foie gras and would serve products from animals who were raised according to higher humane standards.
  • Persia White, Sea Shepherd Director, presenting the Genesis award for the best Dramatic Series on television (the Fox TV series Bones ), commenting that there are few events that make her proud to be a human being - and this is one of them.

During the reception and the after-party in the Hilton Ballroom, the Sea Shepherd staff mingled with many of our friends and celebrities including Alexandra Paul, Last Chance for Animals founder Chris DeRose, Susan Weingartner, Libra Max, Laurie Bauston, Patty Shenker, Steve Valentine, Joe Connelly of VegNews, and many others.

Our thanks to Endeavor Media for sponsoring the table and allowing us to attend this event and our congratulations and admiration go out to all the nominees and winners for their excellent work on behalf of animals.



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