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Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013

Florence, AL
April 13, 2013

Florence's Earth Day Festival turned out to be a beautiful day and went off without any problems! The Sea Shepherd outreach table went well and many guest stopped by the both to check out all the information that was provided. Some made generous donations, others took home a donation form and/or join the crew forms to fill out to send by mail. Majority of the guests were familiar with us through watching Whale Wars and I even meet a lady who already receives our E-newsletters. The kids were very involved with all the information I gave them about Sea Shepherd's mission and everything we are doing to save marine wildlife worldwide. I had a few people take home a DAC form so that they can fill out later. Many of the kids were also interested in joining the DAC! So I believe, once these kids are old enough and are still interested, they will become part of our Direct Action crew on our ships! I even was asked if I had ever been on any of the ships! I simply responded by saying not yet, but that I planned to join our sea going crew some day soon. I believe the outreach table for Florence's Earth Day event was very successful and received lots of great feedback from all the guests. This guy walked up and quoted "you are a long way from the ocean!" I laughed and mentioned to him that Sea Shepherd is working with individuals with no chapters in their areas. Furthermore, I told him that with the help and support from HQ hopefully someday there will be a chapter here in Alabama. He was very excited to hear about all this and gave us his thanks for doing what we do in saving our oceans wildlife and habitats! I would like to think all of the Sea Shepherd members at HQ for the great support you have given me to make this event possible. I look forward to working with you guys more in the future and I will keep you posted on other events coming up in my area.

Reported by Amy Allen

Sea Shepherd On-Shore Volunteer Amy AllenSea Shepherd On-Shore Volunteer Amy Allen
Photo: Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd logs and brochures readily available for the publicSea Shepherd logs and brochures readily available for the public
Photo: Sea Shepherd


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